F4F Q&A #37 Recap: New Pre-Order Procedure & Who Dat?!

F4F Q&A 37

Coming off of their highly successful 3-day pre-order phase 1 for their Solid Snake statue, you might think the hardest-working men in the collectible statue business would take a break for a few days. But nope! Alex and Chockles returned last Friday with the First4Figures Q&A #37 live-stream, which included the announcement of the next 3 TT polls, a new pre-order procedure coming to the F4F website, a brand new live-stream game segment and more! Here’s your weekly recap…

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F4F Metal Gear Solid Snake Statue Photos, Info & Ordering FAQ!

F4F Solid Snake Essential Collection Triple Pack

First4Figures is starting off new blockbuster lines one after the next in 2017, with Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, and Samurai Champloo all getting their first entries during the summer. But their next launch is likely to be the biggest and most hype-worthy of the year for F4F, as it’s from a series that rarely gets high-end collectibles: the Exclusive and Day One Metal Gear Solid Snake Statues are now available for order!

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F4F Q&A #36 Recap: MGS Snake Triple Pack, Sheikah Slate & More!

F4F Q&A 36 Sif Snake Sheikah Slate

After three frenzied days in Providence for HasCon (one of the most unique conventions I’ve ever done coverage of, no question), it was nice to return home knowing that there’d be three hours of video with the F4Family to look forward to! In this week’s F4F Q&A #36, we learned all about the revisions to the F4F Snake statue that goes up for order this week on the site (for real this time!), as well as the neon green Stealth Snake, the status of the BOTW Sheikah Slate, an update on Reala & Aika, and more!

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F4F Q&A #35 Recap: Donkey King TT, MGS Snake Reveal & More!

F4F Q&A 35 Solid Snake Reveal

While I was deeply immersed in Star Wars Force Friday II last Friday, “Fun Daddy” Alex Davis and Tsoek Cheung were delivered the 35th edition of the longest-running weekly Q&A with the head honchos of a high-end statue company! Topics covered included the reveal of the Metal Gear Solid Snake statue (that’s now been delayed from going up for order this week), as well as a major announcement of the next character to receive a TT poll: Donkey Kong! Read on for all the details and the full recap of the Q&A…

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First 4 Figures Metal Gear Solid Snake Statue 1/4 Revisions!

Metal Gear Solid F4F Snake Statue Revisions

When First 4 Figures revealed their 1/4 Metal Gear Solid Snake statue yesterday–the first statue in their MGS line of high-end resin statues–it stirred up a lot of discussion and emotion from fans (to say the least). But there’s no collectibles company on Earth that’s more open to hearing feedback and making changes to improve a product than F4F, and just one day after revealing the prototype, First 4 Figures has announced proposed revisions are underway on their Metal Gear Solid statue of Snake that goes up for order next week!

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