Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku Statue Review & Photos

Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku Figure Review

As much of a Kingdom Hearts fanboy as I am, there’s one character in the franchise I’ve always felt a bit cold toward: Riku. The quiet, moody, “Sasuke-like” rival type is just not my thing, so when I do pass on a new Kingdom Hearts figure, it’s usually Riku. But when the Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku figure went up for sale, it was love at first sight and instant pre-order from me. Now that I have him, am I glad I do?

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Kingdom Hearts Select Master Form Sora Review & Photos DST

TRU Exclusive DST Sora Yellow Master Form Action Figure Review

Ever since I caught my first unexpected glimpse at a line of Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts Figures at New York Toy Fair 2017, I’ve been actively anticipating the line hitting stores. And now, ten months later, the time is upon us: the first Kingdom Hearts Select wave of figures are now available and shipping, including this DST Master Form Sora figure that’s the subject of today’s review! Is this Kingdom Hearts figure everything I’d hoped for?

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NYCC 2017: Kingdom Hearts Select Figures Photos! Sora! Axel!

NYCC 2017 Kingdom Hearts Select Figures Display

When I spotted a surprise shelf of Kingdom Hearts figures unexpectedly on display at the Diamond Select Toys Booth at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February, my head just about exploded. 8 months later, it’s almost time for the first pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts Select figures to arrive—and I got to see them again at NYCC 2017! Read on for my impressions and hi-res photos…

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