First4Figures Dark Souls Ornstein Statue Documentary Recap! F4F

Scale Comparison Dark Souls Ornstein Statue with Soda Cans

Oddly enough, actually seeing the final prototypes and placing pre-orders is no longer my favorite part of First 4 Figures’ Reservation Fridays. Don’t get me wrong–I love adding to my collection–but what I’m enjoying just as much these days is hearing about all of the work and development that go into each statue! And now that the F4F Dark Souls Ornstein Exclusive statue is finally available for order, the latest in the Making of series of video has been posted: the Ornstein documentary! Don’t have time to watch it but want the content? I’ve got you covered…

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F4F Q&A #53 Recap: Ornstein! The First Pre-Order of 2018 & More!

F4F Dark Souls Statues Comparison Photo Solaire Ornstein Artorias

As the first two new resin First4Figures statues in quite some time arrive on doorsteps this week (Fighter Kirby and Nightmare), it’s time for the first F4F pre-order of 2018! During this week’s livestream, Alex & Chockles will reveal all of the details regarding the long-awaited Dark Soul Ornstein Statue pre-order (including the Exclusive Version!), answer dozens upon dozens of collectors’ burning questions and more! Sit back and enjoy the LIVE F4F Q&A Recap!

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Upcoming F4F In-Development Statues List & Images (First 4 Figures)

List of Upcoming F4F Statues

One of the topics that I see constantly being brought up about F4F on social media is questions regarding exactly what First 4 Figures statues have been announced or hinted at, and when we might expect those characters to go up for order. And so, I decided to consult my notes and compose this master list of every statue that we’ve been told is in development, including any sneak peeks that have been shown and the prospective dates of release that have been mentioned…

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NYCC 2017: F4F Dark Souls Ornstein Statue Revealed & Photos!

Close-Up of F4F Ornstein Statue Dark Souls

UPDATE (1/11/2018): The long-awaited F4F Ornstein statue will finally go up for order following the F4F Q&A #53 livestream on Friday, January 12th! The Exclusive Edition, pricing, and details will all be revealed during the Livestream, so stay tuned! And for those who can’t watch videos at work or don’t have the time, I’ve set aside a chunk in my schedule to LIVE Recap the Q&A tomorrow! Look forward to it!

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F4F Q&A #52 Recap: The First Q&A of 2018! Prospective Q1 Pre-Orders!

F4F Q&A 52 Solaire PVC Statue

It’s the first First 4 Figures Q&A of 2018! And for the first time in what feels like forever–there’s nothing major going on! It’s not a milestone show, a pre-order Friday, or even a Last Chance Weekend. But what this show does have… is a ton of answers to collectors’ questions! Did Varia Suit Samus take the sales crown from Majora’s Mask? Will there be fabric on True Form Midna or Gravelord Nito? What pre-orders are on track for Q1 2018 pre-orders? And which statue is kicking Alex’s ass…? All this and more in the F4F Q&A #52 Recap!

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F4F Dark Souls Artorias & Solaire SD PVC Vinyl Figures!

F4F Dark Souls SD PVC Figures Solaire Artorias

Of everything that I saw at New York Comic Con 2017 from every collectibles company, nothing surprised me more than a totally out-of-left-field new line debuted by First4Figures: Dark Souls SD Vinyl figures! Resin prototypes of super-deformed Artorias and Solaire figures debuted at the show, and as we now approach their pre-order next year, the first PVC prototype of the F4F Artorias PVC has been sneak peeked…

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F4F Q&A #43 Recap: Bowser! Happy Mask Salesman! Cuphead!

F4F Bowser Statue Pre Orders Opened

Another week, another First 4 Figures Q&A with Alex (F4F CEO) and Chocks! This week, the Q&A started off with a mega-ton bang, as the F4F Bowser Exclusive statue is now officially up for pre-order once again! How much does the monstrous King Koopa weigh? Are any changes being made to the current prototype? And what about other licenses: Interchangeable heads for Rider Link? Different Colored Yoshis? Could we see the Ornstein Pre-Order before the end of 2017? All this and more in the F4F Q&A #43 Recap!

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F4F Q&A #42 Recap: Fullmetal Alchemist, 1/4 Link, Ridley & More!

F4F Q&A 42 Alex and Chockles Screenshot

It’s a monumental weekend for First4Figures, as the first-ever “Last Chance Weekend” pre-orders are currently open for Majora’s Mask and Taki! But even with those major sales going on, First 4 Figures CEO Fun Daddy Alex Davis and Chocks still had a ton of news and tidbits (and some irreverent facts) to share during this week’s F4F Q&A #42! Will a 1/4 Link ever happen? What upcoming statue will be the largest and most expensive ever from F4F? And just what will the next evolution of humanity be? Read on and find out!

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F4F Q&A #41 Recap: Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic Minis & Majora’s Mask!

F4F Q&A 41 Screenshot GNZ Sonic Boom8 Figures

My apologies for another late F4F Q&A Recap, but the never-ending calamity that is my recent life continued over the weekend with my whole basement (AKA Collection Box Room) flooding. Huzzah! Regardless, the F4F Q&A #41 Recap is now ready, and it’s filled with juicy details about the possibility of a Banjo-Kazooie statue, the upcoming Last Chance Pre-Orders for the Zelda Majora’s Mask & Taki statues, the debut of a new F4F Partnerships Sonic the Hedgehog line and more!

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F4F Q&A #40 (10/13/2017) Recap: A Post-NYCC Deluge of Dark Souls!

F4F QA 40 Mugs

The First4Figures Q&A took a week off while Alex Davis and Chockles were in New York for NYCC 2017, where I was able to meet the F4F Icons personally and see all the latest statues up-close and person (while I also battled a kidney infection during a major convention—woo!). But now F4F is back home, and on Friday they brought us the 40th edition of their cult-classic live-stream Q&A, which ran a short 3 hours! Need a recap of the show? Read on…

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