PCS M. Bison Statue Photos & Order Info! Street Fighter Ultra 1/4

If you asked casual gamers who the greatest fighting game final boss of all-time is, the vast majority of people would say “M. Bison”. In fact, I’d venture to say that for a large portion of those people, M. Bison might be the only fighting game final boss they could name, period. M. Bison (“Balrog” in Japan) is about as iconic as fighting game villains not named “Akuma” come, and so it’s almost a little weird a new 1/4 M. Bison statue hasn’t been available in years. But the wait is over–the new PCS M. Bison Street Fighter Ultra statue goes up for order on Monday!

PCS Collectibles M. Bison Street Fighter Ultra Statue Close-Up

Sadly, I wasn’t yet collecting 1/4 scale statues when Pop Culture Shock Toys released their Mixed Media M. Bison statue way back in 2017, so my Street Fighter statue collection has been missing the leader of Shadaloo ever since I started collecting them back in 2013.

I’ve been holding out hope for a long time that we’d see a new and improved vesion of Bison, and finally, it’s about to go up for pre-order!

Based off of Street Fighter V (so there’s no cape–sorry, cape lovers!), this fully-sculpted statues captured Bison hovering powerfully with an evil teeth grin etched into his face. Bison looks positively diabolical–and I love it!

M. Bison Street Fighter Ultra Statue LED Light Up Eyes BaseFor the first time ever in the 1/4 Ultra Streer Fighter line, the Psycho Power base will feature a light-up LED. First4Figures has made me love LEDs in my statues, so I’m looking forward to the base. Bison’s eyes will also light-up with evil power, which seems rather appropriate.

Pop Culture Shock M. Bison Ultra Statue 26 Inches TallThe statue stands an impressive 26.5″ tall, making it one of the tallest 1:4 Street Fighter statues that Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has ever created (Ultra Zangief is a smidge taller at a full 27″).

Pop Culture Shock Toys Psycho Drive Exclusive M. Bison Statue As usual, there’s an exclusive Psycho Drive M. Bison version of the statue that will be available only directly through PCS’s website. This version will have a limited edition of just 300 pieces and come with what’s usually the most requested item for EX statues: two extra interchangeable heads!

Psycho Drive M. Bison Exclusive Statue EX Clear Hands Laughing HeadOne of the new heads features an open-mouthed laughing expression, while the other has an (awesome) closed-mouth scowl. The scowl is my favorite head of the three. If you want those extra heads–and I know I sure as heck do–than you’re going to have to buy M. Bison from the PCS Collectibles website when he goes on sale May 1st.

Psycho Drive EX M. Bison Statue PCS CollectiblesBut wait–there’s more! Not only does the M. Bison Psycho Drive Exclusive have two extra heads–you also get a pair of clear purple resin “psycho power” hands! These are really cool, and as I love me some effects pieces, beyond a doubt the only hands I’m ever going to have on my statue.

PCS M. Bison P2 Black Statue 2017As happens more often than not, there’s also a highly-limited Player 2 variant color version of the statue available exclusively through the PCS Toys website: a Black P2 M. Bison statue.

PCS Player 2 M. Bison Statue Close-UpThe Black version is exactly the same as the Red P1 Exclusive and includes all of the same extras–just with a different colored costume and a far more limited edition size of just 150 pieces.

Black M. Bison Player 2 Statue Pop Culture Shock Toys Street Fighter Ultra

P2 Variants are the bread and butter of my Street Fighter collection, but I personally don’t find black to be one of Bison’s most memorable color schemes. And seeing how I’m lacking a 1:4 M. Bison of any kind in my collection right now, I’m going for iconic P1 Red this time out. Your aesthetic principles may vary.

The M. Bison Ultra statue is currently scheduled for a Q2 2018 release. Most PCS statues get delayed at least a few months, so I think a release in the second half of 2018 is more likely. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer to make sure my purchases are as good as can be, but if you’re the impatient type, be aware.

PCS P2 M. Bison Black Version Statue ExclusiveThe PCS Collectibles Street Fighter Ultra M. Bison 1/4 statue will go up for sale on Monday, May 1st 2017 at 6PM EST. Pop Culture Shock’s Exclusive editions almost always sell out within a day (and sometimes within a minute), so I’d definitely recommend being ready to F5 and place your order fast if you want the Player 1 EX or the Player 2 Black M. Bison.

What are your thoughts on the first new M. Bison quarter-scale statue in over half a decade, Street Fighter fans? Is this Ultra M. Bison statue a must-have for your collection, and if so, which version(s) will you be picking up?

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