NYCC 2017: Kingdom Hearts Select Figures Photos! Sora! Axel!

When I spotted a surprise shelf of Kingdom Hearts figures unexpectedly on display at the Diamond Select Toys Booth at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February, my head just about exploded. 8 months later, it’s almost time for the first pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts Select figures to arrive—and I got to see them again at NYCC 2017! Read on for my impressions and hi-res photos…

Kingdom Hearts Select Sora Figure Series 1

When the first Kingdom Hearts video game came out, my expectations for the game were unbelievably low. I was having visions of a kiddified Final Fantasy with Donald and Goofy around for slapstick comedy. What I got instead was a franchise with a deep world, a complicated backstory and some of my favorite original video game characters ever.

I’ve been buying all of the limited selection of Square-Enix Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai Figures over the years, but I’ve always wanted a more diverse range of characters—and it looks like that’s what Diamond Select Toys will be delivering with their Kingdom Hearts Select series!

NYCC 2017 Kingdom Hearts Select Figures DisplayThe first series of DST Kingdom Hearts Figures is scheduled to hit stores this fall, and will contain the following two-packs at $24.99 per pack:

  • Kingdom Hearts II Sora, a Heartless Soldier and a Dusk
  • King Mickey Mouse, Axel and a Shadow

NYCC 2017 Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts Axel FigureThat’s not all that DST has planned for the Select Kingdom Hearts line of 4”-7” figures, though! There’s also not one, not two, not three, but four exclusive sets on the way!

Kingdom Hearts Select Master Form Sora Toys R Us Exclusive FigureThe first wave of Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts exclusives are as follows:

  • Walgreens Exclusive: King Mickey with Exclusive Pluto Figure – $9.99
  • Toys R Us Exclusive: Master Form Sora (Yellow) – $19.99
  • Target Exclusive: Wisdom Form Sora (Blue) – $19.99
  • GameStop Exclusive: Valor Form Sora (Red) & Heartless Soldier – $19.99

Walgreens Exclusive Kingdom Hearts Mickey and Pluto FiguresOf these four exclusives, the only one that I’ve seen reported as popping up in stores thus far is King Mickey with Pluto (which I actually snapped up myself today at a local Walgreens). Presumably, the rest will be appearing in stores over the course of the next month.

NYCC 2017 Wisdom Form Sora Kingdom Hearts Select ExclusiveAt the Diamond Select Toys panel at New York Comic Con 2017, DST also conformed that more figures are in the works for Select series 2, including Roxas, Pete, “Timeless” versions of the characters (from the Steamboat Willie levels), Space Paranoids versions and more. Aqua from “Birth by Sleep” is also in development.

Kingdom Hearts Select Series 2 Placard New York Comic Con 2017Jafar and Maleficent prototypes have also been created, although whether or not Disney licensing will allow those characters to be released in the line is still unconfirmed.

Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts Dusk Figure NYCC 2017I’d rate my excitement for this line to be around a 9 out of 10. I love seeing so many characters produced so quickly at low prices, and the promise of a multitude more characters definitely brings a big ol’ goofy smile to my face (Ha-yuck!).

Packaged Valor Form Sora Select Gamestop Exclusive FigureAt the same time, I’m a little discouraged to see all of the various Sora figures so far sharing the same facial expression. The characters in Kingdom Hearts have so much personality that it’s a bit of a bummer seeing all of the Sora action figures so far sharing the same smile.

Kingdom Hearts Select Valor Form Sora Figure PackagedI’ll be reviewing each and every figure in this line and covering the series as it rolls out, so stay tuned to the Gamer Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages for future photos and coverage.I picked up the Walgreens Mickey Mouse & Pluto set today, and will be reviewing it later on this week.

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Now that they’re on the verge of hitting stores in form, what do you think of the Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts figures line, Kingdom Hearts fans? Is this the affordably-priced line of figures for the franchise that you’ve been waiting for, or are you unimpressed with DST’s efforts?

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