NYCC 2017: First 4 Figures Castlevania Alucard Statue Photos!

Castlevania has long been a bit of a niche franchise that’s popular with hardcore video game fans. But that’s changing this year thanks to millions of new fans being exposed to Castlevania thanks to the Netflix series. And the timing couldn’t have worked out any better, because after debuting in the Season 1 finale of the series this summer, a fan-favorite vampire is coming in Statue form: the First 4 Figures Alucard Statue debuted at NYCC 2017!

NYCC 2017 First4Figures Alucard Statue Photos

F4F CEO Alex Davis has been hyping up the level of sculpting detail on their upcoming Alucard Statue for a couple months now on the weekly Q&A, so when Alucard made his debut at New York Comic Con 2017 this weekend, I was really expecting to see something great—and I did.

From both sculpting and paint perspectives, this is easily among the absolute most detailed pieces that First4Figures has ever done.

Close-Up of Texture on F4F Alucard Statue NYCC 2017There’s a rich texture on Alucard’s coat that contrasts nicely with the smoothness of his cape, and the sheer amount of paint hits this figure is going to require during production looks like it’s going to be off the charts.

New York Comic Con 2017 F4F Alucard Designs on inner CoatOne of the craziest aspects of the detailing on this figure is lost in photos taken from a few feet away—there’s actually an intricate pattern of black designs printed on the inside of Alucard’s coat! This is a detail that I think a lot of companies would have missed that I think adds a lot to the overall piece.

Alucard Statue First 4 Figures New York Comic Con 2017I thought that maybe Alucard’s left hand was missing at the convention because F4F was withholding something super-secret about it, but it turns out the hand was just left in the box during assembly for the show and couldn’t be retrieved from storage. The left hand will be holding the cape on the final statue.

Close-Up of Head on Alucard First 4 Figures StatueThere are no plans to change the face on Alucard right now, and I’m fine with that—I can certainly see the character resemblance in the portrait, and I think it’s a solid one.

2017 NYCC Castlevania Alucard Statue Base F4FI’ve heard some gripes about the base for Alucard being a bit plain, but seeing it in person, I was really okay with it. The cobblestone terrain that Alucard is standing on looks appropriate and doesn’t distract away from the exquisite detail of the figure itself.

An ornate gold rim is going to be added to the base to make it pop more, at which point I think it will win most folks over.

F4F Alucard Castlevania Statue at New York Comic-Con 2017Overall, I think that the First4Figures Alucard is an exceptionally classy piece that’s one of the clear candidates for “Best Statue in the Show Overall” category for NYCC 2017–not just from F4F,  but from any company attending.

Chain on Alucard Statue F4F NYCCLet me close out with the remaining hi-res photos in my gallery of Alucard shots I took at the show…

NYCC 2017 F4F Castlevania Alucard CastleBack of Alucard Statue Cape NYCC First 4 FiguresSide View of Alucard First4Figures StatueCastlevania F4F Alucard Statue NYCC 2017Lower Cape and Boots on Alucard Statue F4FF4F NYCC 2017 Alucard Sword and CoatSide View of Castlevania Alucard Figure NYCC 2017F4F Booth NYCC 2017 Alucard Crystal Dragon Aku Aku MaskDetail on Coat of First 4 Figures Alucard FigureFirst 4 Figures Castlevania Alucard Figure at New York Comic Con 2017Profile of Alucard First4Figures Statue NYCC 2017The Castlevania Alucard F4F Statue is expected to go up for sale on the F4F website this winter, and I’ll update with official photos, ordering details and an FAQ once those become available. The Exclusive Version of Alucard wasn’t shown at NYCC, but should come with a fantastic extra accessory of some sort, since it’s confirmed that the EX item won’t be a more elaborate base.

Lots of fans have been waiting for this reveal, so let’s hear it, F4Fans: how do you like the Alucard Statue? Is this figure everything that you hoped for, and is he a “buy” as he is right now?

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