First4Figures Okami Shiranui Statue Teaser Photos! F4F

When First 4 Figures opened pre-orders for their 1:4 Okami Amaterasu Statue way back in January 2016, orders for the statue shattered all expectations, with 1,350 pieces quickly selling out. Soon after, F4F buckled down and started working intensively on more Okami statues. The Amaterasu Life-Size Bust went up for sale earlier this year (and you can still get on the Wait List for it), and as we approach 2018, we’re seeing more and more teaser photos of the F4F Shiranui Statue!

Close-Up of Shiranui First4Figures Statue

As there were really no high-end Okami collectibles on the market when First4Figures launched their Amaterasu Statue last year, no one was completely sure what the demand was going to be for everyone’s favorite Sun Goddess.

It turned out that the 1/4 Amaterasu was tremendously in-demand, and fans have been excited for the next piece in the line ever since: First 4 Figures Shiranui!

Okami Shiranui Official ArtworkFor those a bit rusty on their Okami lore, Amaterasu is a reincarnation of Shiranui, making the white wolf Shiranui a pretty significant character in the Okami mythology.

F4F Shiranui Statue Pose Choice PollWay back in April 2016 (when the Wii U still roamed the Earth), First 4 Figures posted a poll asking fans which pose they preferred for the upcoming Shiranui statue. Based on the sneak peeks that we’ve seen, it appears that Pose A (the one on the left) ultimately won out.

First 4 Figures Shiranui Ishaku Hat Teaser PhotoThis week, we got our very first sneak peek at Shiranui’s Celestial Envoy, Ishaku, via a teaser photo of Ishaku’s hat posted to the F4F Official Collector’s Club Facebook Group.

Last week, we also got to see a preview of Shiranui’s tail for the first time. Awwwww! How cute!

First4Figures Shiranui Statue Back Teaser

First4Figures CEO Alex Davis has commented on social media recently, warning fans that Shiranui was much more complicated than Amaterasu and will be more expensive. We can see in a recent teaser that portions of Shiranui’s back may have to be disconnected for safe shipping.

With increasing production costs and complexity in mind, I would be very surprised if Shiranui retails for anything below $499.99 (and perhaps much more than that).

F4F Okami Amaterasu Life Size Bust StatueThe First4Figures Okami Amaterasu LSB is currently listed on the F4F website, and the Shiranui Statue is expected to go up for sale sometime in early 2018. F4F’s star has greatly risen and they’re far more well-known now than they were two years ago, so it will be very exciting to see how many Okami fans show up for the Shiranui figure orders in 2018.

F4F Okami Shiranui Statue Sneak peekI’ll post more photos and updates of Shiranui, as well as pricing and release information, as those details are revealed by F4F. You can follow the Gamer Toy News Facebook or Twitter Pages to get alerts whenever new updates are posted.

Based off the handful of teaser images that we’ve seen of the piece, how do you feel about the Okami Shiranui statue? What do you think this piece will ultimately end up costing, and are you willing to pay out the big bucks for it yourself?

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