First 4 Figures Dark Souls Mimic Statue Announced!

First 4 Figures blew Dark Souls fans’ minds in 2016 when they opened pre-orders for their spectacular 1/4 Artorias the Abyss Walker and Sif the Great Wolf statues, and with teasers already shown for Ornstein and Solaire statues coming our way this year, 2017 is looking pretty bright as well! But that’s not all–as part of their Christmas Special series of reveals, F4F revealed their first minor character coming to the line: the First 4 Figures Dark Souls Mimic statue!

First 4 Figures Dark Souls Mimic Statue Teaser Photo

Confession time: I’ve literally only played through about three hours of the first Dark Souls game, giving up on the game out of frustration permanently after getting barbecued to death by a dragon out of nowhere and losing all my souls. So when it comes to talking about upcoming Dark Souls statues and toys, I always find myself at a bit of a disadvantage.

Luckily, I forced my best friend to play through the entirety of the game for me for just this purpose, and so, as soon as the First 4 Figures Mimic statue was revealed, I was able to turn to him to ask for his thoughts on the Mimic.

Dark Souls Mimic ScreenshotHere’s what he had to say (and I quote): “it’s amazing and terrifying and bites you and waggles a scary tongue at you and walks around all crazy and does all this right when you think you’ve scored some sweet loot. as the thing it mimics… is the sweet loot chest!

Chests look about 5 x3x3? Then the mimic grows to taller than the player. mostly legs and arms and tongue. 

There are a number of these mimics. But just enough to have you almost forget they exist. So you’re like “No! $#*7 No!” When you’re getting “nibbled”. Not instant death. and rarely is it death. except by heart attack. i bet there are youtube vids of people getting terrified by mimics.”

Mimic Dark Souls 3 ScreenshotSo to summarize, the Mimic…? Yeah–he’s scary as heck and crazy tall. As tall as Artorias the Abysswalker tall. He’s enormous.

I wasn’t sure if First 4 Figures would want to make a gargantuan resin statue of a relatively minor enemy from the Dark Souls video game, but according to First 4 Figures President Alex Davis, their Mimic figure is going to be “Bonkers big!” (Yes, “bonkers big!” is a direct quote–thanks, Alex!)

There’s currently no pricing details or specs available for the Dark Souls Mimic statue, nor is there a pre-order or release window known at this time, but hopefully we’ll have all that information later in 2017. I’ll post an update to the Gamer Toy News Facebook Page once more details are available, so stay tuned.

First 4 Figures Artorias the Abysswalker StatueAs for the F4F Dark Souls statues that have previously been solicited: Both the exclusive and regular versions of Artorias are already wait-listed direct from F4F, but if you’re late to the party and don’t want to miss out on what’s all but guaranteed to become a grail, the First 4 Figures Artorias statue is still available for order from EE (with free shipping!).

I have a hunch the Artorias statue is destined to follow other F4F statues and become exponentially more expensive on the aftermarket as soon as it’s totally sold out. The regular version of the Sif statue is still available via F4F’s own online store.

Are you excited about the F4F Mimic statue being added to the Dark Souls statue line? Will you be adding this piece to your collection, or are you not interested in owning high-end statues of minor enemies like the Mimic?

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