F4F Zelda Breath of the Wild Link on Horse & Sheikah Slate Statues!

Legend of Zelda collectors got a huge surprise this evening, when out of the blue, the very first unboxing video of the First 4 Figures Zelda Breath of the Wild Link PVC statue was posted online! Although the statue isn’t scheduled to ship out until the first week of March 2017 (and can currently be pre-ordered from Best Buy’s website), IGN got an early review copy of the 10″ figure! And not only do we get our best look at Link yet, but the next two First4Figures Breath of the Wild statues are also seemingly revealed…

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link Statue Box First 4 Figures

When F4F announced their economically-priced lines of new PVC statues, I instantly started hoping that the statues would be window boxed so that potential buyers could see the quality of the figures right through the package. And today, I was delighted to see that the new PVC statues–or Link at least–do come in window boxes, a first for First 4 Figures! That box… what a beauty!!

Of course, the actual packaging for this Link figure being shown for the first time is completely overshadowed by a couple of shadowed images and an announcement in the paper insert that comes with the statue, teasing upcoming statues of what looks to be a Sheikah Slate and Link on a horse (that may or may not be Epona in the new game)!

First 4 Figures Zelda Link on Horse & Sheikah Slate Statues AnnouncedNote that the text above the silhouettes of the First 4 Figures Link on Horse and Sheikah Slate statues specifically states “Coming Soon to First 4 Figures: High-End Collectibles“. As gorgeous as this 10” Breath of the Wild Link statue is, typically a PVC figure retailing for under 90 bucks wouldn’t be considered “high-end”.

With that in mind, I wonder if we may be looking at a new polystone resin Link on Horse statue (likely in 1/6 scale) and a full-on life-size replica of the Sheikah Slate (similar to the Majora’s Mask that F4F put up for sale earlier this month). [UPDATE: F4F President Alex Davis has confirmed that the Sheikah Slate is a Prop Replica on Facebook.]

Box Back F4F Breath of the Wild Link StatueThe box back also shares some information about the game that those who are trying to remain totally spoiler-free should probably try to avoid.

F4F Zelda Breath of the Wild Link PVC Figure BackdropAs with most PVC figures that come in a window box, there will be a cardboard insert backdrop that can be removed from the box and used as a sort of diorama if you like. It’s a pretty backdrop, but I personally prefer to leave these sorts of inserts in the box and admire my statues au naturel.

F4F BOTW Zelda Link Sheikah Tablet Close-UpThe one and only aspect of this Breath of the Wild Link figure that doesn’t look perfect to me is the paintwork on the small Sheikah Slate Link’s wearing. But bear in mind that this Sheikah Slate has been magnified to much larger than its actual size by the camera that took the video of it, so tiny imperfections like those on the slate won’t be nearly as obvious to the naked eye as they are to a zoomed-in camera.

First4Figures Breath of the Wild Zelda Statue Close-Up of Link's EyeHoly rupees! Check out the pixel-like detailing on the close-up of Link’s eyes! The detailing on Link’s eyes looks absolutely amazing to me, and just may be the single most impressive feature on what I think is one of the most stunning Zelda figures ever made.

Zelda BOTW Link F4F Statue UnboxingThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild First4Figures Link statue is now available exclusively for order from Best Buy in the United States, as well as from a variety of international retailers outside of the U.S. The first shipment of the statue will be released at Best Buy in March 2017, with the rest of the world estimated to receive shipments in May 2017.

Now that you’ve seen the final product packaged and officially unboxed, what are your thoughts on this Link PVC figure, collectors? Are you impressed with F4F’s work, and are you planning to pick up this statue yourself? And looking to the future, are you excited about the Link on Horse (Epona?) and Sheikah Slate statues that were teased on the insert with this statue?

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