F4F Spyro the Dragon Statue FAQ, Photos & Order Info!

Last month, First 4 Figures launched their first-ever Activision statue, with the immensely popular Crash Bandicoot PVC statue. This month–it’s Spyro’s turn! The First4Figures Spyro the Dragon statue will be going up for order on July 18th, 2017! I’ve seen a ton of people who are new to F4F and to high-end statues asking questions about this piece, so I thought I’d go ahead and put together an FAQ compiling all of the most frequently-asked questions about this hotly-anticipated upcoming pre-order…

First4Figures Spyro The Dragon Exclusive Statue Pre-Order

“How limited is the Exclusive Edition? Will I have to rush to order it on July 18th?”

First 4 Figures has a two-week order window to order the exclusive versions of their statues. The exclusive Spyro statue will be available for two weeks, beginning July 18th, 2017. After two weeks ends, any additional orders for the exclusive edition will go into a Wait List which will only be fulfilled when people with confirmed orders cancel their orders.

“What’s different about the Exclusive edition?”

The Exclusive version available only directly from the F4F website will feature a base with LED light-up flames, as well as a cardboard backdrop to recreate the cover of the first Spyro the Dragon game and five gems that can be placed on the base or stored in the display box that they come with.

“What’s different about the Day One edition, and how long will it be available?”

The Day One Edition is available for only 24 hours, beginning when orders open on Tuesday, July 18th. The Spyro Day One Edition includes everything that the exclusive edition comes with, as well as an additional art card signed by First 4 Figures CEO Alex Davis, a holographic sticker on the box and a bonus extra 500 Reward Points.

“When does the pre-order window open?”

Pre-orders will open on July 18th 2017 at the following time: 8:00am (California), 11:00am (New York), 4:00pm (London), 5:00pm (Germany), 11:00pm (Hong Kong). If you’re not in one of these regions, you’ll have to adjust to see when the statue launches locally for you.

“Are low numbers available for this statue?”

YES! Because this is the first statue released in a new series, all numbers from #3 and up are up for grabs! The earlier that you place your pre-order for Spyro, the lower your number will be. After you authenticate your statue once it’s received, you’ll get the same number for all the rest of the characters in the series as long as you continue to pre-order each one directly from F4F.

“How much does the Spyro the Dragon statue cost?” 

Both the regular and exclusive versions of the Spyro F4F statue are priced at $324.99.

“Why are the regular and exclusion editions the same price?”

The exclusive is priced the same as the regular to give collectors an incentive to buy directly from F4F instead of from another store that carries the regular editions of their statues. F4F makes very little on sales through other retailers, so they’re spoiling us with extras as incentive for us to buy the Exclusive directly.

“Will I be charged outright for the entire statue when I order?”

No–you’ll only be charged the non-refundable deposit (NRD), which is usually around 10% of the total price ($33 in this case). Then you’ll either pay for the remainder of the balance (including shipping) at once when Spyro is ready to ship, or in several monthly payments if you choose a Flexipay option.

“What if I want to pay for the entire Spyro statue at once up-front?”

You can arrange making a full payment for the Spyro statue by contacting F4F CS using the Contact Form located on the website.

“Are Payment Plans available for Spyro, and if so, what do they cost?”

Yes–both 4-month and 7-month Flexipay payment plans for Spyro are available. With the 4-month plan, you’ll be charged four times for around $74, and with the 7-month plan, you’ll be charged for around $41 seven times. The first payment will be charged exactly one month after the end of the two-week order window, and will occur every month thereafter until the statue is paid off.

“Can I order Spyro using PayPal?”

Yes, PayPal is available as a payment method but requires more manual processing and more waiting for you. Because of this F4F request that IF you can pay the DEPOSIT by Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit, you do so and secure your order normally through the website. You can then contact CS any time before Spyro ships to have your payment type changed to PayPal for further payments. Flexi-Pay is NOT available, PayPal payments (excluding deposit) can only be made in full.

PayPal payments for deposits are currently unavailable through the First4Figures website shopping cart. This is something that is being worked on, but in the meantime the process is as follows:

  1. Send a request via the CONTACT US page on the First4Figures website
  2. Select ‘Request PayPal Payment’
  3. Include “Spyro the Dragon” in the message field
  4. Include the KEYWORD in the message field

The KEYWORD will be revealed during the live stream in the F4F CC Facebook Group’s PINNED POST once Spyro is live on the website.

Exact use of spelling, capital letters etc. is not vital, as long as your intention is clear and the keyword is included your order will be secured. Please avoid sending multiple emails unless absolutely necessary, as this slows down Customer Service post-launch.

Note that PayPal orders may take several days to be acknowledged via a reply email, but rest assured your place in line is secured by the date stamp of when your email was received by CS.

“If I order using PayPal, can I still get a low number for Spyro?”

Yes–the time stamp of when you sent the E-Mail is what is used in determining what number you’ll receive. The earlier you send in your E-Mail after orders officially open, the lower the number on the Spyro that you’ll receive.

“Why is the First4Figures Spyro the Dragon statue so much more expensive than the Crash Bandicoot statue that went up for sale in June?”

The F4F Crash Bandicoot statue sold in June 2017 was a PVC statue with an open edition size, whereas this version of Spyro is a much larger and more limited polystone resin statue. A polystone resin Classic Crash Bandicoot statue that is larger and priced more similarly to this Spyro is scheduled to go up for sale this winter.

“What makes resin statues so much more expensive than PVC statues?”

The expense with non-PVC statues comes from the fact that resin statues are fairly small limited edition pieces (whereas PVC figures are produced in tens of thousands), require extremely expensive production (factory workers’ wages in particular have exploded in the past few years), and are far larger, much heavier and vastly more detailed than PVC figures.

If you’re looking to get into collecting high-end resin statues, F4F is one of the cheapest companies around cost-wise and one of the best companies around quality-wise, so you’ve picked a great place to start.

“Will a F4F Spyro PVC Statue be produced?”

First4Figures will be watching the sales of the Spyro resin statue closely to see if a PVC figure is viable. The tooling for PVC statues is astronomically expensive and requires 10,000+ sales to even break even, making it financially unfeasible to produce characters from PVC unless there is a huge and visible demand.

“What are the shipping rates for this statue and when is shipping charged?”

Shipping is charged along with your final payment for a statue. Please see the full chart of international shipping rates below:

F4F Spyro the Dragon Shipping Rates“Is this Spyro the Dragon statue an indicator that a Spyro Remastered video game is coming out?”

No. First 4 Figures has confirmed that they have zero knowledge of whether or not Activision has any plans whatsoever for a Remastered Spyro Trilogy video game to be produced.

“Is First4Figures working on any additional statues of characters from the Spyro universe?”

The only other statue in this line that First 4 Figures has confirmed they’re working on at this time is a Crystal Dragon, although polls have been made in the Facebook group to gauge interest for other characters such as Cynder and Sparx.

“When will the Spyro F4F statue be released and ship out?”

The statue is currently estimated to ship out in Q1 2018 (January to March 2018).

First4Figures Spyro Exclusive Statue with Gems and Backdrop“So where can I order the Exclusive version from again?”

The Exclusive and Day One editions of the Spyro the Dragon statue will be available only via the official First4Figures website from Tuesday, July 18th 2017 to Tuesday, August 1st 2017.

If anyone has any further questions regarding the launch for this sculpture that I didn’t answer here, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your question myself or get you the information that you’re looking for. And if you’re interested in seeing our future articles, updates and Q&A recaps on First 4 Figures statues, please be sure to follow the Gamer Toy News Facebook Page and Twitter Feed!


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  1. Is the felix pay option available for other countries or just America? If so much would that be in British pounds and how much will the statue be altogether in British pounds? Also will the size and weight of the statue effect any p&p, shipping and or taxing costs?