F4F Q&A Recap 8/11/17: Mugen Revealed & Bowser Pre-Order Details

The longest-running weekly Q&A live chat with a statue company ever continued this week with the 8/11/17 First 4 Figures Q&A #32! I’ve been pretty busy the past month reporting on my other blogs about various collectibles shown at San Diego Comic Con 2017, but I finally got some free time this week to tune in and hear Alex Davis and Tsoek Cheung discuss the upcoming blind pre-order for their Bowser statue, tease big news at New York Comic Con 2017, fully reveal the Samurai Champloo Mugen statue going up for order next week and more!

F4F Q&A Recap 31 August 11 2017 Mugen Reveal

On Samurai Champloo Mugen:

  • Mugen’s base is Edo-period architectural roof; nice weight to it; F4F’s most dynamic base to date
  • First4Figures Mugen is their most dynamic statue ever made–doing break-dancing fighting moves on top of a roof
  • Very rare to do statue looking downward–will look awesome on top of a detolf or other tall shelf
  • Comes with five die-cast arrow to attach to the roof base
  • The Exclusive Mugen also comes with four die-cast swords for the base and an extra interchangeable angry head
  • If Mugen does well, Samurai Champloo Jin and Fuu should follow six months apart each, completing the team in about 1.5 years
  • Jin is completed in 3-D form right now and F4F is almost ready to hit the button and go forward on him soon if Mugen does well
  • Samurai Champloo Mugen statue release estimate is Q2 2018
  • You can hit up CS using the Contact Form (here) if you want to pay in full for Mugen in advance
  • Both the regular and exclusive versions of Mugen will be priced at $449.99
  • The non-refundable deposit on Mugen will be $45 (10% of the total cost)
  • 4-Month and 7-Month payment plans are available. 4-Month plans will have four $101 payments; 7-month plans will have seven $58 payments. Shipping will be added to the final payment.
  • You can check out the full product details and photos of the F4F Mugen statue on the website now

On the Bowser Blind Pre-Order:

  • The First4Figures Bowser blind pre-order will be open for a two-week window–numbers for the statue will not be determined during the blind PO
  • During the blind pre-order period, Bowser will not be revealed in full. Likely to be a darkened silhouette with a “?” on it, along with the price and dimensions
  • Blind PO is being done to allow 12-month payment plan because fans asked for it–no penalty for cancellations when Bowser is fully revealed
  • For numbering purposes, Bowser is part of the Mario series that began with Tanooki Mario
  • F4F doesn’t necessarily want to do a blind pre-order like this, as it requires a lot of extra effort and coordination, but they’re doing it for us collectors
  • The blind pre-order will only be open for two weeks because F4F needs to start taking money for the 12-month payment plan–leaving the PO window open longer would delay things and defeat the purpose
  • How legacy numbering will work hasn’t been figured out yet–may or may not be a “fight to the death” between Cat Mario and Lucky Cat Mario owners
  • Choosing the special feature(s) for the Bowser Exclusive Version was easy
  • Blind pre-orders will not automatically be Day One editions–collectors will have to log back in on actual PO Tuesday to confirm their order for the Day One Edition


On Anime Lines:

  • First4Figures plans to space anime character releases out so as not to have too many payments overlapping and crushing anime fans


On Zelda:

  • Heard back from Nintendo about Majora’s Mask this week–will make changes and resubmit for approval next week
  • The King of Red Lions is now shipping, and is the first F4F statue with a removable, rechargeable battery
  • Nintendo New York will carry the KORL statue, which should be arriving soon, as their order ships along with everyone else’s
  • Payment plan for Majora’s Mask still paused until further notice


On Dark Souls:

  • Ornstein’s pre-order is likely to open up before Bowser’s
  • There are quite a few super-secret Dark Souls statues in development that haven’t been announced yet
  • Dark Souls drought right now, but when it rains Dark Souls sneak peeks it will pour
  • Payment plans for Solaire still paused until further notice


On New York Comic Con 2017:

  • The next First 4 Figures PVC figure will debut at New York Comic Con 2017 in October
  • Lots of new statues will be shown at NYCC 2017 that have never been mentioned before!
  • Fans “may be surprised who’s up for order after Mugen”–not 100% sure because of New York Comic Con considerations
  • New York Comic Con F4F booth in development now–virtual booth may be posted
  • Life-size Aku Aku Mask should be ready to show at NYCC 2017


On Berserk:

  • Guts will have some ABS/PVC parts–nothing detrimental to the product–which will be disclosed before orders open
  • Skull Knight statue is deep in development–Berserker Armor is being started now
  • Berserker Armor sneak peek likely in March 2018


On Various Nintendo Lines:

  • Lucky Cat Mario buyers will receive a bonus 1000 Rewards points in their F4F accounts approximately 30 days after receiving their statue as a thanks for being so patient
  • Bowser will be fully shown when his (non-blind) pre-order is ready to open; Mario & Yoshi will be shown after Bowser has had his spotlight
  • Warp Star Kirby submitted to licensor for feedback today
  • Alex feels bad about revealing Meta-Ridley so early. No more Metroid sneak peeks until products are closer


On Spyro The Dragon:

  • Cynder is deep in development and almost ready for posing now
  • The Spyro Exclusive Edition size is 1300! Fantastic amount of support to start the line
  • Ripto and Hunter are interest polls–not official TT polls
  • More Spyro sneak peeks throughout the rest of the year


On TTs (Temptation Thursdays):

  • Next week’s TT #64 will be Kasumi from DOA Volleyball.
  • Use #F4FDOA in comments for a chance to win 500 Rewards Points next week.
  • TT #65 on 8/24 will be for Aika from Skies of Arcadia. The 3-D sculpt for Aika will be shown. This TT is important–fight for Aika if you want her and more Sega All-Stars!
  • There are still some Skies of Arcadia Vyse statues left. Pick one up before they’re gone!
  • TT #62 for Medieval and TT #63 for Breath of Fire III are both close right now, with a little over 200 “Yes” votes for each.
  • TTs possible for Persona 5 and Fire Emblem–rally your fellow fans

F4F Taki Sword SheatheOn Other Topics:

  • No plans for more Sonic miniature figures at this time–let’s see how Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces fare
  • Amy Classic TT desperately needs more love and votes–please vote if you want Amy
  • Super Shadow and Super Silver could be a future TT–definitely not no-brainers
  • Metal Gear license begins with Metal Gear Solid statues and will go forward from there
  • You can contact CS to have Fedex waive the signature for shipments, but then F4F is not responsible if your package is lost/stolen
  • No news about Samurai Jack at this time–keep voting in his TT
  • Taki’s “butt is looking tight”–factory counter sample is in
  • Short sword sheath for one of Taki’s daggers shown
  • Amaterasu PVC needs at least 1,000 votes for consideration without having retail support or a new game announced


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  1. #F4FDOA Kasumi from DOA Volleyball? That’s exciting! Maybe in future they can do a statue of her in her ninja outfit from DOA 4 – That’d be awesome.

    • If DOA does well in the TT, I’m sure F4F will take a look at the ninja versions of the characters too!