F4F Q&A #55 Recap: Snake Returns! Nito Size! Attack on Titan TT!

One of the craziest things in First4Figures history occurred last September, when the F4F Solid Snake Statue was revealed, blasted by feedback, and went back for improvements after a short three-day pre-sale. It’s taken more than a third of a year, but the First4Figures Snake statue finally goes back up for order following today’s F4F Q&A #55! Plus: How big will Gravelord Nito be? Will there be an official Attack on Titan TT poll? Possibility of variant colors for Warp Star Kirby or Phoenix Wright? When will Banjo-Kazooie be fully revealed? And more!

F4F QA 55 Title ImageOn The Week in Review:

  • F4F revealed the pulsing effect for the Majora’s Mask Exclusive replica this week
  • Alex visited the factory and confirmed that the paint for the tree base for Majora’s Mask had been properly darkened; has asked for some revisions to the paint apps on the moss on the base
  • Reminder to be careful when attaching Sif’s tail because of the strength of the super magnet used to attach it to the body
  • Jin Paint Flaking test was posted this week in the F4FCC Facebook Group
  • Banjo-Kazooie eyes are looking really, really good now that the eyes have had gloss applied
  • This week was all about hype for Cowboy Bebop; Jet’s head will be tweaked following feedback on this week’s sneak peek
  • Spike and Jet will hopefully be displayed at C3 next month
  • After visiting the factory, Alex is having the eyes on Spyro tweaked for perfection, so don’t worry that they didn’t look quite right in this week’s production video
  • F4F has been nominated in two categories in the People’s Picks voting–please go vote for Artorias for “Best Statue” and “Best Paint”!

On Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake:

  • Pre-orders will finally reopen for the Neon Green and Exclusive Solid Snake statues after the live stream ends!
  • Neon Green Stealth Snake will only be available for three days individually and as a combo pack with the regular Exclusive Edition
  • F4F has prepared a three-minute video showing off the many changes to the Solid Snake statue
  • I’ll post some screencaps showing off the updated statue below, rather than just describing the changes
  • Updated Solid Snake F4F Statues F4F Solid Snake EX with Red LEDs Solid Snake F4F Additional Head Sculpt F4F MGS Solid Snake Final Updated Design Comparison Revised Body Proportions for First 4 Figures Solid Snake Statue Snow Effects Added to Base for Solid Snake Statue Revised Gun for Solid Snake F4F Statue First 4 Figures Solid Snake Revised Ammo Box Details Updated Original Head Sculpt on Solid Snake Statue vThe red LEDs for Snake’s goggles look awesome!
  • Neon Green Snake is a lot brighter in person than what shows up on the video

Kenshin Samurai X TT PollOn Temptation Thursday (TT) Polls:

  • Lost Odyssey TT: Hopefully people will slowly keep this going. #TTsNeverDie
  • Kenshin (Samurai X) TT: Pretty much neck-and-neck between “Yes” and “No” votes right now; atmosphere for the property is good–people like and remember the franchise, not much arguing in the thread for this TT
  • Ori and the Blind Forest TT: Next Week! Promised to lovely admin Miranda Sykes!
  • Beyond Good and Evil TT: In Two Weeks!
  • Ace Combat TT: Fighter Planes! In Three Weeks!
  • Remind Chock in a few weeks if you want a Zone of the Enders TT
  • Would video game-based versions of comic book characters (such as specific video game costumed Spider-Man and Batman) have much appeal?
  • This week’s hashtag: #F4FSolid for a chance to win 500 Reward Points next week!
  • Alex and Chock aren’t convinced that Resident Evil will do well in a TT with so much merch around for the franchise
  • Can have an Overlord anime TT sometime in the future
  • Official Attack on Titan TT in 2018? Maybe if Alex gets asked another 5 more times.
  • Actually, will officially do an Attack on Titan TT in two to three months’ time
  • Pre-order for Guts and reveals of Spike and Jet will both bring in more anime fans, so perfect timing for an Attack on Titan TT. Attack on Titan TT will happen the Thursday after Guts goes up for PO.

Artorias SD Dark Souls AssemblyOn Dark Souls:

  • Dark Souls Ornstein EX Pre-Orders will close after the stream today, but there will be one more chance to order during Ornstein Last Chance Weekend starting February 9th
  • Sif is shipping now; Solaire is in production and will ship in May/June; SD Artorias PVC should be the next F4F Dark Souls piece released (before Solaire); and the SD Solaire PVC will be
  • The Dark Souls SD figures are sort of like “snacks” between “meals” to keep the hunger of collectors satiated between resin statues being released
  • Nito statue will be about the same height as Ornstein, but will have a much shorter base and be about 5 times as wide
  • SD Pricing will be announced soon
  • Want to shorten the time between pre-orders and shipping for the Dark Souls PVC statue line, so Artorias is already going into production even though the pre-orders haven’t opened yet so that there will be a quick turnaround after orders are taken
  • F4F is trying to time it so that Artorias is ready and in shops when Dark Souls Remastered hits stores in May 2018
  • “New Dark Souls piece being worked on is looking really tight”
  • The sculpt for Ornstein’s EX spear will not change, but the color can be tweaked
  • A scaled-down Smough statue is possible down the line–hit Alex up when there are 700+ votes in support of Smough
  • If it ever came time to doing him, Gough would be in a similarly down-sized scale to what Smough would be in; Gough would be standing if so
  • Silver Knight and Black Knight combo would come with different weapons if done
  • Alex will run a character poll including Dark Souls III DLC characters sometime next week
  • Nameless King has absolutely been considered
  • None of F4F’s work on Dark Souls III has reached the physical stage yet–“these things take time”
  • Nito is already designed to be deeper than Ornstein, and Chock wants to go even bigger!

F4F Majora's Mask Factory Sample

The Q&A!:

  • The live-stream is experiencing problems and is super-delayed this week
  • There’s only 50-something questions for the Q&A this week–a light week!
  • Alex will be busy next week signing the Majora’s Mask Day One cards–the factory can’t pack the statues until they have the signed cards
  • Banjo-Kazooie will be dynamically-posed and closer to price in Majora’s Mask than Bowser
  • Spyro will definitely ship out in Q2 2018
  • Alex knows da wae
  • Guts should be up for order in about two months time–beginning to middle of March 2018 (didn’t want to have PO too close to Ornstein, as the demographic is similar); “looking beastly”
  • F4F won’t just go cold-turkey to producing the entire edition size for statues–will gradually reduce the percentage that’s not produced
  • If Chockles could produce any anime character, it would be 1:1 scale Chopper (One Piece)
  • Alex would choose Princess Mononoke riding the wolf
  • Guts is resin, not PVC
  • Flexipay for converted Wait Lists can be something that can be offered in the future, but the website isn’t set up for that now
  • Two more PVCs in development that haven’t been talked about–one is in physical form already and another is being worked toward; continuing to develop PVCs after great success of BOTW Link and Crash Bandicoot
  • F4F won’t do a Twilight Princess Zelda statue in the small scale of Link and Ganondorf anytime soon; but could happen someday–could downscale the resin version and change the pose
  • My Hero Academia License? “These things take loads of time.” Alex has given up on trying to beat people to getting a license first; hopes that the tortoise can beat the hare every now and then
  • Yakuza Kiryu statue likely to go up for order in Q3 2018 after having a successful TT poll
  • Alex has never once had the foresight to videotape concepts and development to use in the documentaries a year or so later; would be nice to have in a perfect world
  • The gems for Spyro EX won’t be changed–the molds are what they are, and look the way F4F thinks they would look in high-def
  • Absolutely yes there will be something special packaging-wise for future F4F PVC Exclusives;
    “premium packaging”
  • Wolf’s Rain? Alex is always down for some wolves. Maybe a future TT? Rally the fans on Funday!
  • If the orders for the Cowboy Bebop statues are significant, the bases could be changed to be hexagonal instead of circular if fans rallied for that
  • Grayfox will be the third MGS (Metal Gear Solid) statue, not Sniper Wolf
  • What F4F learned from NYCC 2017 can be applied to Gamescom
  • Bowser, Ornstein and Varia Suit Samus should all be shipped out before the end of 2018–“fingers crossed”
  • Won’t do a TT poll on Twitter–F4F doesn’t really use Twitter much; use Facebook instead
  • Pre-Orders for regular editions are open until wholesales come back with their orders
  • Metal Sonic is more likely to happen than Amy anytime soon
  • Tokyo Ghoul? RTF.
  • Alex is really proud of F4F’s connection with the fans; trying to build Instagram and Twitter communities in addition to the Facebook group would be very difficult–not as easy to interact back and forth on those platforms
  • Alex hasn’t considered any kind of “Vault Vote” to choose a statue to save from the Vault
  • Banjo-Kazooie full reveal will probably be in April 2018 (Q2)
  • Majora’s Mask replica statue will not be able to light up when it’s off of the base, since the battery is in the base itself; the mask itself is too thin to add a battery compartment to
  • Persona 5 statues would be in a smaller scale so more scenery could be included in the line as bases–smaller scale allows more opportunity to allow complicated bases
  • One can of Red Bull would wipe out all of Alex’s allowed carbohydrates for the day
  • Will regular or EX Majora’s Mask leave the factory first? Exclusive version will always get pushed out first; then the regular version.
  • If Chock were to marry a can of Red Bull, would Alex be best man at the wedding? Chock needs to be proposed to first.
  • F4F is much happier with the revised Solid Snake statue
  • Genos will be released to accompany Saitama if F4F gets their way
  • Snake Ammo Box Dimensions: 6.5 cm height x 4.8 cm deep x 9.5 cm width
  • Alex’s favorite MGS villains include Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Grayfox, Ocelot, Sniper Wolf
  • F4F can work on making electronic buttons blend in with the bases more
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 color variants for Phoenix Wright Combo Pack? Possibly orange? “Great idea.” [My second good idea this year!]
  • Nightmare edition size production is likely to be completed because of the large number of Wait List orders; it’s unclear if there are enough pre-orders to complete the run for Sif
  • “If Alex could start all over again and choose a new name for F4F…” Alex already chose one back in 2008! If you know what he means!
  • Alex and Chock don’t have the Shovel Knight edition size this week! Sorry!
  • No updates on Samurai Champloo Jin right now–concentrating on the other anime lines right now
  • The video for the stream broke for a few minutes–I’ll circle back and add the questions and answers from that period later on once the whole video is available
  • Warp Star Kirby is looking great; in duplication stage right now
  • Majora’s Mask statue is hollow in order to facilitate the electronics inside
  • A Captain Falcon TT will be done before Alex meets with Nintendo in May
  • No official poll needed for Kirby variant colors for Warp Star Kirby–F4F will do Shadow Kirby and Blue Kirby variants if all works out [YES!]

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