F4F Q&A #48 Recap: Varia Suit Samus Returns! Master Cycle Zero!

For the first time in quite a while, it’s a status quo First 4 Figures Q&A with no Last Chance Weekend, no Preview/Pre-Order Friday, and no major milestone announcement or reveal! But does that mean that there’s nothing worth seeing or learning in this week’s F4F Q&A #48 Recap? Heck no! On today’s Q&A, we get a great look at the Dark Souls Solaire SD PVC for the first time, the Bowser edition size, the date for Varia Suit Samus last chance weekend, the fate of F4F attending NYCC, the first mention of a possible BOTW Master Cycle Zero and more!

First4Figures Dark Souls SD PVC Prototypes Solaire Artorias
On Nintendo:

  • Some collectors were concerned that the revised Majora’s Mask’s base wasn’t as dark when shown off during Last Chance Weekend. F4F waiting for factory to send over the production sample so they can photograph it
  • Bowser edition size: 1000 LE for the Exclusive; much better than F4F expected it to do
  • Link on Master Cycle Zero? “Looks awesome–but let’s concentrate on Rider Link first.”
  • A Donkey Kong Country series would be up to Nintendo and not Rare, but if a Donkey Kong statue was made right now it would be part of the Mario series

Varia Suit Samus F4F Statue Returns

  • Varia Suit Samus Last Chance Weekend will begin December 29th, 2017!
  • The colors in Fighter Kirby’s blast are all painted on and not the color of the resin

F4F Crash Bandicoot Neo Cortex Statue Concept Sneak PeekOn Crash & Spyro:

  • Alex hadn’t let Activision know that F4F was working on Neo-Cortex, so Alex got a slap on the wrist for posting the first sneak peek of Cortex this week. Concept is looking good, though.
  • Alex is lukewarm on Crash in Go-Kart Statue right now. Keep voting and show support if you want this.
  • For Crash 2 and Crash 3 statues, it would make sense to do statues of Crash Bandicoot with accessories like the Jetpack exclusive to certain games
  • Alex and Chock will do the Crash victory dance during the livestream for the Crash resin pre-order.
  • Aku Aku Mask will have Last Chance Weekend from December 22nd to 25th
  • Alex doesn’t know the final order number for Gold Aku Aku Mask yet–hasn’t looked it up
  • Crystal Dragon likely to be up for pre-order in February 2018–not January

Berserk PuckOn Anime:

  • A life-size Puck for the Berserk line? “Why not?”
  • Berserk Skull Knight statue possibly up for order in 2018
  • Guts will go up for pre-order in very early Q1
  • Kamina is still with the licensor
  • Anime licensors tend to be more strict than video game licensors; more complicated because more hands in the pie
  • Technically, First4Figures could have the My Hero Academia license right now but be saving it for the 80K announcement. “Will it still be popular 16 months from now?”
  • Alex clarified on Facebook that First4Figures does NOT have the My Hero Academia license right now, however. 
  • Still working on Fullmetal Alchemist Alphonse–had to make some changes and working on him right now

F4F Reala Teaser PhotoOn Tempation Thursday (TT) Polls:

  • Secret of Mana: “TTs never die.”
  • Assassin’s Creed: Poll is evenly split right now. Keep voting if you want Ezio or other Assassin’s Creed characters as statues.
  • Reala TT next week–very important. This is to save the Reala or to put it in the Vault. Actual images of the actual physical Reala statue will be used in the main poll. Rally the NiGHTS fans!!
  • #F4FReal is this week’s hashtag
  • Alex and Chocks make up TTs on the fly on the stream using a list Chockles has on his computer

SD Artorias PVC with Pen in HeadOn Dark Souls:

  • Dark Souls Sif is at the final stage–should be shipped by the end of the year
  • Artorias’ box is bigger than Sif’s–quite an achievement getting the box size reduced
  • Pushing for one Dark Souls statue pre-order every 4 months–have to catch up now
  • Dark Souls SD line has some serious weight to it. Much heavier than Crash PVC, as a lot more PVC is used for the Dark Souls Chibis.
  • You can fit a lot of pen into the head of Artorias SD!
  • Torch Torch has new Dark Souls rings and a pendant coming up for order soon

Dark Souls SD Artorias Head Close UpOn Various Topics:

  • There’s a lot of stuff in production at the same time right now
  • Spoiler Alert: Alex is really, really happy with meeting his goals with F4F for 2017, but there’s still three more weeks to fuck it up.
  • Alex feels like First4Figures has gone from very tiny small potatoes to slightly less tiny potatoes.
  • Is the Conker statue going to be on his throne? All Alex will say is “Tee-hee!”
  • Alex speaks English, Mandarin, and is learning a little bit of Baby Talk. Chocks speaks English and Cantonese.
  • There’s an F4F Amaterasu GIF now that has flames that go on and off when you click on it.
  • Alex wants more razzle-dazzle on the First 4 Figures site and “sites within the site” like a Dark Souls site; Chocks wants to see a much-simplified UI
  • Chinese New Year lasts for approximately one month–migrant workers really only go back to see their families once a year (the single biggest migration in history). This delays shipments for that one month.
  • There will be a Banjo-Tooie statue in a different pose–Mumbo Jumbo and Gruntilda not confirmed, as they didn’t do so well in the poll.
  • Maybe a little diorama of the Mighty Poo with a little Conker later on.
  • Metal Sonic 2.0 is not Vaulted, but Alex isn’t happy with the current concept–needs redone
  • Alex and Chockles have never arm-wrestled. Alas.
  • No hope for the Pac-Man line to continue–sold less than 150 pieces.
  • Castlevania Dracula is already done in the physical stage; Death in development
  • Alucard is almost ready to launch; Dracula should be 3 months later
  • If there’s one license that Alex could have that he can’t currently get, it would be Final Fantasy VII–first game he ever put 100 hours into
  • Alex’s favorite Haribo gummy bear is the white one (pineapple?)–he almost chokes to death on one live on the stream
  • Unbelievable amount of details on Bayonetta statue is making the development difficult and causing it to take a long time–First 4 Figures wants Bayonetta to be a statement piece
  • Revised Snake is coming along nicely–need to get it finished up and back up for sale
  • Zero pre-order likely for Q1 2018–undergoing tweaks right now.
  • F4F wants to have three pillars: resin, PVC and plush. Want PVC and plush to be done more often: 4-5 PVCs in 2018, minimum 7-8 in 2019. 1-3 plush in 2018. That way, if there’s a downturn in resin, F4F has PVCs and plush. If there’s a downturn in all three: “God help us.”
  • Chocks’ question to the club members: “How was F4F for you in 2017? Was it as crazy as you thought? Were you disappointed and expected more? What do you want F4F to improve in 2017?”
  • Rare was going to be original 15K announcement for a “What’s Up Wednesday?”, but that never happened, so Rare was announced for 35K
  • Flexipay for Wait List is not possible/implemented just yet–when it will be available, it won’t be possible to apply it to existing Wait List orders
  • “Who Dat Who Dat?” was Mary Poppins. “Hit us up, Julie Andrews!”
  • The only way that F4F will do NYCC again is if F4F can prove at GamesCom that selling PVCs/plush at the convention will work to help fund the trip. If it was the same as this year’s, Alex wouldn’t do NYCC again–it’s hella expensive. It would have been cheaper to just fly over the club members to meet them.

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