F4F Q&A #45 Recap: Edition Sizes! Attack on Titan! Dante! Potatoes!

While we haven’t quite reached the threshold for the 35,000 members celebration and reveals, it’s never a dull week in the First 4 Figures Q&A livestream with F4F CEO Alex and Chockles! This week: Will 12-month plans be available for all statues from now on? Thoughts on a potential Attack on Titan statue series? Can you 3-D print Red Bull? Where does Alex see the company in 10 years? All this and more in the F4F Q&A #45 Recap!

F4F Alex and Chocks Q&A 45
On Flexipay:

  • In-stock Flexipay is now available for up to 12 months
  • I created a list of all In-Stock items organized by region that you can find here
  • Despite the name, Flexipay was previously inflexible
  • Moving forward, all pre-orders will have 12-month payment plans available
  • If you choose a 12-month plan and the statue is ready to ship in 9 months, you still have to wait the remaining 3 months for yours to ship since it isn’t fully paid off yet
  • Previously, payment plans were “baked into” Item SKUs and not individual orders, so they were inflexible
  • A “Remove Payment Plan” option is being added to the site so you can end your plan and pay off the full remaining balance early
  • The new ability to “bake” payment plans into individual orders allows for incredible flexibility
  • F4F is going to work hard to convert Wait Lists much earlier in the future; buyers will eventually be able to specify a payment plan when joining the Wait List
  • Alex didn’t expect In-Stock Flexipay to be as successful right away as it has been—expected to sell 20-30 statues in first 24 hours and sold 100+
  • A lot of people have taken advantage of in-stock Flexipay already
  • Collectors cannot retroactively add new Flexipay options to existing orders

TMNT Arcade Game ScreenshotOn Pokémon, TMNT and TTs:

  • First 4 Figures has been trying to get the Pokémon license for many, many years
  • The highly successful TT poll gives F4F a story to bring to the Las Vegas Licensing Expo next year—can now tell The Pokémon Company that it’s the most-voted TT ever
  • Pokémon TT is to give F4F ammunition to try to obtain the license
  • There are no high-end licensed Pokémon statues out there—First 4 Figures wouldn’t just do upscales versions of small PVC Pokémon merchandise
  • F4F Pokemon statues would be unlike anything else in the marketplace for the franchise
  • Alex’s favorite Pokemon is the one that sells the most; Chockles won’t comment [I suspect it’s Jigglypuff]
  • Current TT Hall of Fame: 1) Pokemon 2) Banjo-Kazooie 3) My Hero Academia
  • TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Arcade Game by Konami is next week’s TT poll
  • This poll would only be for Statue of the Ninja Turtles in the early 90’s video game style
  • Next week’s hashtag is #F4FTMNT
  • Resident Evil is on the long list of figure TTs

Attack on Titan Humans Group ShotOn Anime:

  • All Might/My Hero Academia have enough votes for consideration, and are getting harder and harder to ignore
  • Possible plans for My Hero Academia; Alex and Chocks haven’t had a chance to watch it yet
  • There’s no need for blind pre-orders for Guts or Alphonse now that 12-month payment plans will be available for all new pre-orders
  • The changes to the Alphonse statue have been approved by the licensor now
  • Skull Knight concept is getting better and better
  • Waiting for licensor approval on Guts; probably up for pre-order in early 2018
  • Guts will be available in two versions: bloody and non-bloody
  • Cowboy Bebop Spike Statue coming along nicely—already in physical form
  • Cowboy Bebop bases will be simplistic black bases with the logo like the regular Soul Calibur bases—intent is to keep the price low
  • Want to have similar low pricing to Saitama for Cowboy Bebop line—really want the line to do well and for people to start collecting anime lines
  • Anime lines can continue with less units sold than video game lines since F4F is just getting started with them and they need more TLC
  • Kamina’s head is being test-printed over the weekend
  • Attack on Titan human statues would make more sense to pursue than Titans
  • Attack on Titan would require a successful TT and then a character poll; humans would be the initial focus
  • Alex is concerned many companies are developing Attack on Titan statues already and F4F would constantly be playing catch-up

First4Figures Varia Suit Samus Exclusive StatueOn Nintendo:

  • Varia Suit Samus has been approved by Nintendo; Last Chance Weekend probably in around a month
  • Will show off and discuss Varia Suit Samus after Last Chance Weekend
  • Already started white castings for Varia Suit Samus Statue—takes a month and a half for pre-production
  • No Metroid B-List characters as statues until all of the A-Listers have been done
  • Collectors should get rid of all their non-F4Fs (or coffee tables) to make space for Bowser
  • No—there will never be a Smash Bros.-branded item of any kind
  • No more Sneak Peeks of Mario on Yoshi to show just yet
  • Based on the current TT numbers, F4F would not do a regular Luigi Statue—would do a Luigi’s Mansion Luigi statue or nothing
  • Donkey Kong statue would be after Mario on Yoshi if approved by Nintendo

Legend of Zelda Happy Mask Salesman F4F StatueOn Zelda:

  • Majora’s Mask Exclusive Version Edition Size is 2600; up from 2300 it was set at before Last Chance Weekend
  • Only around 1000 regular Majora’s Mask will be made—Exclusives will sometimes have higher edition sizes than regular versions now
  • True Form Midna will be submitted to Nintendo in a week or so
  • Many future plans for Zelda—concentrating on Sheikah Slate and Rider Link after Midna
  • Breath of the Wild Rider Link won’t be priced as low as Link on Epona was
  • Twilight Princess Link 1/4 Statue is far down the list of future releases
  • No new Zelda lines planned for next few years
  • There’s no Happy Mask Salesman in the Vault—First 4 Figures has never made one before
  • Alex is apathetic about making a resin Happy Mask Salesman—thinks it would sell well enough in PVC form
  • Alex is torn on the size/material for Happy Mask Salesman, though, as many of the collectors who own the old Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link aren’t in the club now
  • Do collectors want Happy Mask Salesman in-scale with Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link? Must be PVC if so.

  F4F Sonic and Tails Diorama Sneak PeekOn SEGA:

  • F4F has a meeting with SEGA scheduled for January; Persona 5 is on the agenda
  • No thoughts about whether Persona 5 line would be 1:4 or 1:6 scale yet
  • Helicopter Tails & Sonic diorama is in development
  • The Sonic Boom8 Combo Pack isn’t limited—the closing date this week was just for the first batch; F4F will continue to take orders while there is demand—orders will reopen in a few weeks or months
  • Would not consider doing Nights again in another pose—the sales of the original didn’t set the world on fire

Comparison of Aku Aku Mask and Uka Uka MaskOn Crash Bandicoot:

  • After resin Crash Bandicoot, the next statues will be Neo-Cortex and then Crash in a different pose; not a large amount of people seem interested in other characters
  • Resin Crash Bandicoot is way bigger than Spyro and will not be close in price
  • Aku Aku Mask replica will be priced similarly to Majora’s Mask; will light up but not spin
  • Working on concepts for classic Neo-Cortex now
  • Vote for Uka Uka Mask if you want one—votes are far too low right now (only about 200 “Yes” votes)

F4F Dante Statue 3D Print Devil May CryOn Various Topics:

  • Taki Exclusive Edition Size is 325
  • Tekken Jin is in production—working through backlog
  • Castlevania Alucard Statue pre-order likely in Early Q1 2018
  • Soul Calibur line will definitely continue past Taki
  • “Inception” is not Alex’s favorite movie
  • Regular editions will be produced far less than EXs going forward—wholesale business is decimated
  • Exclusive means “Exclusive to the First4Figures website for two-week window”, not lower numbers
  • Want edition sizes to reflect actual demands
  • Neon Green Snake will probably be ready to show off in about a month
  • Psycho Mantis will be up for order in Q2 2018
  • Jeff working super hard on 35K Reveal video
  • More Katamari Damacy production videos coming soon
  • Keep voting if you want to see an Earthworm Jim statue
  • Alex was unhappy with the most recent photos of Shiranui from the painters—looked too clean and needed more shading
  • Chibiterasu Statue will be next after Shiranui
  • Showed original 3D print of Dante this week in the CC
  • Chockles won Rock-Paper-Scissors this week again and improves his record against Alex to 2-0
  • Darksiders has been looking into; but not at the point of submitting approvals
  • No Last Chance Weekend for Solaire; LCW only for new pre-orders (Varia Suit Samus and Majora’s Mask are the only exceptions)
  • Fighter Kirby and Nightmare art boxes in the office now—look good
  • Mega Man Zero will probably be next pre-order after Aku Aku Mask
  • Those who purchased Mega Man X and authenticated twill be entitled to keep their numbers for Zero
  • Alex regrets adding the ring to Sif, as it’s caused him to be delayed much longer than he would have been otherwise
  • It would make sense for the Phoenix Wright statue to launch alongside the Switch games next year
  • Would be nice if Phoenix Wright sold around 500 pieces
  • First 4 Figures isn’t an apparel company, but will offer fan-designed T-Shirts through online fulfillment services
  • $22-$24 is the likely cost of print-on-demand shirts
  • The beauty of using fulfillment companies is limitless options—it would be hard for F4F to offer tons of different sizes and colors
  • Maybe some shirts could be limited editions (250-500 pieces); potential for exclusive versions, con exclusices, etc.
  • F4F hats, mugs, buttons will all be looked into in addition to shirts
  • The first two-week order window was for Simon Belmont Exclusive [Is this correct? I thought it was Lan-Di, but can’t find any hard historical data on this.]
  • The Shovel Knight Exclusive is really nice
  • Plague or Spector would be obvious choices for the next statue in the Shovel Knight series after Shovel Knight
  • 5-7 Days of F4F Sneak Peeks coming between Christmas and New Year’s
  • Spyro currently in production—arms are separate pieces that have to be attached
  • Crystal Dragon will be translucent green and will have slowed-down shimmering  lights
  • Alex wants First 4 Figures to still be around as a brand and a community and an experience in 10 years—the rise of 3-D printers is the greatest threat to the company
  • Maybe Mini-Chockles in 10 Years?
  • In 5 years, Alex wants F4F to still be growing responsibly—medium potatoes
  • F4F bought themselves a 3-D Printer this week—now Chocks can print his own Red Bull

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