F4F Majora’s Mask Updates & Last Chance Weekend Ordering FAQ!

2017 has been a banner year for First4Figures, and their most-anticipated and best-selling piece of all this year is their Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask prop replica. Fans have been waiting all year for Nintendo to approve the delayed statue, and the time has finally arrived! But that’s not all—the exclusive Majora’s Mask statue will be available for order again for Last Chance Weekend this weekend! Read on for all the revisions and details…

Majora's Mask F4F Statue Replica Last Chance Weekend Pre-Order

“Why are orders being reopened for this statue, even though it’s been on the Wait List for over half a year?”

Because this is almost like a whole different statue after all of the changes to the originally shown prototype, pre-orders for Majora’s Mask will be reopened for three days only, starting on Friday October 27th and closing on Monday October 30th.

“Will the regular edition and the exclusive edition both be available when orders reopen, and will the price/payment plans be different from those during the original ordering window?”

Both the regular and exclusive versions of the First4Figures Majora’s Mask statue will be available during Last Chance Weekend, and the price and payment plan options will remain the same as for the original ordering window.

Comparison of Original and Revised F4F Majora's Mask Replicas“What changes have been made to the statue?”

  • First 4 Figures went back to the 3-D stage and completely remade the mask. A texture totally covering the mask has been added to the new version, as well as dirt effects added into the textured to Dark the mask. The original Majora’s Mask shown was smooth/“clean”.
  • The horns for the original Majora’s Mask prototype had a matte finish, whereas the new horns are glossy.
  • The markings on the top of the mask are the more accurate yellow color now—previously the markings were orange-ish on the old prototype.
  • The eyes on the new F4F Majora’s Mask Statue are looking straight into your soul, whereas the original eyes looked slightly outward.
  • The irises are far more detailed internally now, and a ring of redness around the outside of the eyes has been added, making the mask look much closer to the original artwork of the Majora’s Mask logo.
  • Refunds will be available until the end of Last Chance Weekend for anyone who has a confirmed order and want to cancel. (More on this in a bit!)

Comparison of Majora's Mask Backs F4F Old and New Versions“What about the back of the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask replica? Has that changed too?”

While the main changes to the Mask replica are to the front, the back has been changed in a few ways as well. The back of the original Majora’s Mask prop replica prototype was purple—the revised version has a dark black wash on it. The back of the mask is completely covered in texture now as well—the original was clean.

Updated First 4 Figures Majora's Mask Replica Statue“Will both the original prototype Majora’s Mask we were shown and the newly updated version be available for purchase?”

No. Only the revised F4F Majora’s Mask replica is being produced—the original version shown in early 2017 will stay in the Vault. The changes to the mask replica statue are what they are—the “clean” version was not approved and cannot be produced.

“Is the new version of the mask a different size?”

The size of the statue absolutely has not changed during revisions—it’s the exact same height, width and depth as the original prototype.

Tree Base for Majora's Mask Statue by F4F“Has the base for the prop replica been changed at all? It looks different?”

The sculpt for the tree-themed base for the Majora’s Mask statue is completely the same as the original and totally unchanged. A darker wash will be applied to the base of the new version so that it matches the base of the original prototype.

“What is the updated release date for when the Majora’s Mask First 4 Figures Zelda prop replica will be released now that it can finally go into production?”

First4Figures is aiming for an end of Q1 2018/early Q2 2018 release date for the mask.

Majora's Mask First 4 Figures Statue Exclusive Light-Up Eyes“If I’m on the Wait List already for a Majora’s Mask statue, what will happen to my order now that orders are reopening for Last Chance Weekend?”

Every current Wait List order will automatically be converted into a confirmed order. If you’re on the Wait List and don’t want a confirmed order for MM, you have until Last Chance Weekend closes to cancel. If you have a confirmed order already, you can also cancel that penalty-free until the end of LCW.

“I’m on the Wait List right now and want my order to be on the payment plan! Can F4F Customer Service change my order to a payment plan order?”

No–but you can yourself (sort of)! Current Wait List orders cannot be changed to payment plan orders when they automatically convert to confirmed orders. You need to cancel your Wait List order and place a new order on the F4F website during Last Chance Weekend if you’re on the Majora’s Mask Wait List right now and want to be on a payment plan.

Side View of Updated F4F Majora's Mask Statue Replica “What if I ordered based on the clean prototype and I don’t like the new version?”

These are not small changes—this Majora’s Mask F4F Statue is a fundamentally different-feeling Statue now. Those with confirmed orders may not like this new version, so F4F is offering complete refunds with no cancellation fees whatsoever—all money will be refunded with no questions asked.

“What if I cancelled my order prior to the new version of MM being shown?”

Anyone who cancelled their Majora’s Mask prop replica for any reason prior to the new iteration being shown will also receive a full refund automatically.

Close-Up of Texture on First 4 Figures Majora's Mask Prop Replica Updated“How will Majora’s Mask Last Chance weekend affect the previously announced edition size for this piece?”

The original edition size of 2300 for this full-size Majora’s Mask replica will change. F4F can’t guarantee if it will go up or down—that depends on how many collectors cancel old orders and how many place new orders during Last Chance Weekend.

“I already have a confirmed order with payments remaining. When will I be charged for them?”

The old orders still have two payments remaining. These final two payments will be taken at the same time as the final two payments of payment plans started during First4Figures Majora’s Mask Last Chance Weekend. In other words, the final two payments from both old and new orders will be aligned.

Last Chance Weekend Header for Taki and Majora's Mask Replica“Will any other upcoming statues be available during LCW alongside Majora’s Mask?”

Pre-orders for the regular and exclusive versions of the Soul Calibur II Taki statue will also be available simultaneously with the Majora’s Mask prop replica during Last Chance Weekend. This will be the last chance to order the Exclusive Taki statue without having to join the Wait List.

“What about the Metroid Varia Suit Samus?”

F4F will evaluate later on whether or not a Last Chance Weekend pre-order for Varia Suit Samus will be available–after that statue has been approved by Nintendo.

Majora's Mask Last Chance Weekend Poster Image“Where and when can I order during Last Chance Weekend?”

The Exclusive Taki and Majora’s Mask statues are only available via the official F4F website. Last Chance Weekend will begin at 1PM EST on Friday, October 27th and run until Monday, October 30th. After that time, both the EX Majora’s Mask and the EX Taki statues will immediately go to Wait List status and collectors who want them will have to join the Wait List.

What do you think of the revised MM, Zelda fans? Are you excited about the updates, or did you prefer the original version? If you didn’t order during the original ordering window, will you be placing an order during Last Chance Weekend?


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  1. Hi,

    Yes I will be ordering. I much prefer the updated version and also the weathered / textured finish of the mask.
    So happy to have had a chance to again order this piece.