F4F Dark Souls Artorias & Solaire SD PVC Vinyl Figures!

Of everything that I saw at New York Comic Con 2017 from every collectibles company, nothing surprised me more than a totally out-of-left-field new line debuted by First4Figures: Dark Souls SD Vinyl figures! Resin prototypes of super-deformed Artorias and Solaire figures debuted at the show, and as we now approach their pre-order next year, the first PVC prototype of the F4F Artorias PVC has been sneak peeked…

F4F Dark Souls SD PVC Figures Solaire Artorias

During the opening minutes of NYCC 2017, I made a beeline for the inaugural official First4Figures convention booth. And as I turned the corner, the first items to catch my eye were ones I’d never seen before and certainly couldn’t have expected: Super-Deformed Dark Souls PVC figure statues!

And what better way to kick off a new Dark Souls collectibles line than with the two most iconic characters from the first entry in the series, Artorias of the Abyss and Solaire of Astora?

NYCC 2017 First 4 Figures Solarie Dark Souls SD Chibi FigureThese PVC statues are a little smaller than the F4F Crash Bandicoot and Breath of the Wild Link PVCs that were released in 2018, but feature effects pieces and much more elaborate bases than their predecessors.

Back View of First 4 Figures Dark Souls PVC Figures Artorias SolaireOfficial pricing for these figures hadn’t been determined yet by NYCC, but a loose, early estimate was around $80-$100 each for the figures, similar to the price for the Crash Bandicoot PVC.

Artorias Dark Souls Vinyl Figure First4FiguresArtorias has the Abyss swirling around him, whereas Solaire is surrounded by “Praise the Sun” summoning energy.

F4F Solaire SD Vinyl PVC Figure NYCC 2017It was mentioned during the First4Figures Q&A stream in early November 2017 that the resin prototypes of the two figures were being sent out for the tooling stage, and the test shots are coming back now and being shown off by F4F.

First4Figures Artorias the Abysswalker SD Test Shot PrototypeThe Artorias PVC statue looked a little weird unpainted, but once F4F finished painted him up, he looked pretty spectacular. And hey, he even passes the all-important “able to put your finger in Artorias’s head” test with flying colors!

Solaire PVC Super Deformed Test Shot PiecesMeanwhile, even though we haven’t seen any images of the assembled Dark Souls Chibi Solaire PVC just yet, First4Figures has posted images of the unassembled test shot of the figure, which are looking great so far.

First4Figures Dark Souls SD Chibis Solarie PiecesWhile it’s extremely unlikely that the finished figure will feature any removable parts, it’s really neat to see all of the individual pieces being tooled up for the final PVC statue!

Solaire SD PVC Figure Test Shot Limbs First 4 FiguresI’m looking forward to seeing the painted SD Solaire figure in the near future!

F4F Artorias SD Vinyl PVC Figure with Finger in HeadThe First 4 Figures SD Dark Souls Solaire and Artorias statues are expected to go up for sale in early 2018. While no Exclusive Editions of the Statue have been officially announced yet, it’s expected that there will be exclusives of both Artorias and Solaire released only through the F4F website (with the usual two-week order window).

Now that we’ve seen how F4F Artorias looks after making the jump from resin to PVC, how are you feeling about the Super-Deformed Dark Souls figure line? Are you planning on getting into this lower-priced series of Dark Souls statues, or are you still undecided on the most unique Dark Souls figures to-date?

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