F4F Amy Rose Statue Poll: Vote to Show Your Support!

Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails. Shadow. Silver. Knuckles. Even Doctor Robotnik. First4Figures has covered almost every main character from the Sonic are Hedgehog franchise in resin statue form now. Almost. There’s one omission that glares brighter than the other: Sonic’s sort-of girlfriend, Amy Rose. But there’s hope for the pink hedgehog: voting is going on now that could make the first resin Amy Rose statue ever a reality!

Sonic and Amy the HedgehogsAmy Rose is a bit divisive as far as Sonic the Hedgehog characters go. Many people love her, and many people hate her. But there’s no denying that she’s an important part of the Sonic mythos. But is Amy Rose popular enough to have her own resin statue produced and hopefully be successful? Two polls are going on in the First4Figures Official Collector’s Club Facebook Group to gauge that interest right now!

Classic Amy Rose the Hedgehog Green Shirt Orange DressYup, you heard me right—two. One of the earliest “TT” (Temptation Thursday) polls was created way back in 2016 to measure fan interest in a classic Sonic CD era Amy Rose Statue (in green shirt and orange dress). As of writing, that poll only has 266 ‘Yes’ votes, which is slightly more than half the number needed for consideration. Not a terrific stat for a poll posted in 2016.

Sonic Adventure Amy Rose WinkingHowever, F4F CEO Alex Davis posted a poll just before Christmas gauging fan interest in a modern Amy Rose statue (in red dress). With a goal of 500 votes for consideration by the company, that poll is already at a lightning-fast 371 ‘Yes’ votes!

It seems like victory is a distinct possibility for at least this modern version of the pretty pink hedgehog, and you can help make her a reality! Here’s how…

Modern Amy Rose the Hedgehog ArtworkIf you’re an Amy Rose fan and want to support the effort to get an officially-licensed, high-end statue of the pretty pink hedgehog produced, there’s a simple two-step process:

1) Join the official First 4 Figures Collector’s Club Group on Facebook. This official F4F page is regularly visited by the CEO of the company, who contributes virtually constantly, answering questions and interacting with fans. This step is necessary in order to access step 2. It takes about 1-2 minutes in general for someone to approve your request to join the group. You can leave the group immediately after voting, but you have to be in the group temporarily in order to vote.

2) Vote in the Official Modern Amy Rose Poll. In order to vote in the poll, you must—at least temporarily—be part of the F4FCC. In order for First 4 Figures to consider seriously producing Amy, the benchmark set by Alex Davis is to achieve at least 500 “Yes” votes (the number of “No” votes is inconsequential).

3) But wait–hope isn’t lost if you’re on #TeamClassicAmy! While Classic Amy Rose’s poll isn’t doing as well as the modern version’s, you can still submit a ‘Yes’ vote for Classic Amy the Hedgehog to give her a better chance at being considered someday! Even if things look grim, there’s nothing to lose by showing your support, right?

Sonic Adventure Amy Rose

I would also like to encourage anyone who strongly would like an Amy Rose statue to spread this post with its helpful voting instructions to your Amy Rose-loving friends and family, whether by E-Mail, reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or social media. With less than 130 votes for Sonic’s future wife (or not) to be seriously considered for a statue for the first time ever, the future is looking bright!

…And that’s all! 500 or more votes of support, and a large, high-end Amy Rose statue will have a solid chance of becoming a reality from one of the most renowned statue producers in the world! Easy-peasy!

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