CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Codes!

While many retail store chains were waiting for January 2017 to arrive (which it has now, obviously), Mattel was busy launching their first-ever series of Mega Construx Blind Bags during late fall and early winter 2016. So while the new Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series of figures is just now seeing the light of day from many major chains, it’s actually been out there for quite a while now. Luckily, this is actually a good thing, because the gap between when this series started hitting stores and now has allowed us to compile this extensive Mega Construx Halo Challenger Series Code Number List! These are the codes you’re looking for!

Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Codes Number List

Earlier today, I announced that my longest-running active blog, Halo Toy News, was closing forever. It was a tough decision to move all of my Halo-related content to Gamer Toy News, but I think it will ultimately allow my coverage of Halo toys and collectibles to reach a larger audience and even be updated more frequently and with greater enthusiasm.

And in honor of moving Halo Toy News here onto Gamer Toy News, I thought it was only fitting to bring over a time-honored tradition on the same day. So following in the footsteps on the Halo Mega Bloks code number lists on the old site, all Halo Mega Construx codes will be posted right here, beginning with this newest Challenger series!

Mega Construx Halo Challenger Series Blind Bag Back CodeWhile we used to have to hunt for carefully hidden embossed numbers on bags to try to decipher to codes for the enclosed figures, Mattel has made it easier than ever by writing the code in bold letters inside a square on the back of each blind bag. Easy-peasy!

I’m going to post the codes in two separate ways: once a figure/character followed by all known codes for that figure, and once by number with the corresponding character that belongs to that number. If you happen to find a blind bag in stores with a number not yet found on this list and want to contribute to the data pool, please leave a reply to this post and I’ll add your number to the list.

Challenger Series Halo Mega Construx Figures CaseHalo Mega Construx Challenger Series Code Number List By Character:

Green Storm Grunt: A03096ES, A07106ES, A19106ES, A21096ES
Olive Zealot: A06096ES, A10106ES, A21106ES, A23096ES
UNSC Marine: A05096ES, A08106ES, A20106ES, A22096ES
Green Spartan Warmaster: A02096ES, A06106ES, A20096ES, A22106ES
White Spartan Mark VI: A01096ES, A05106ES, A17106ES, A19096ES

Halo Wars 2 Banished Brute: A08096ES, A12106ES, A24106ES, A26096ES
Olive ODST: A07096ES, A11106ES, A22106ES, A24096ES

Green Helioskrill Spartan:
A09096ES, A25106ES, A27096ES

Mega Construx Halo Challenger Series Codes By Number:

A01096ES Spartan Mark VI (White)
A02096ES Spartan Warmaster (Green)
A03096ES Green Storm Grunt
A05096ES UNSC Marine
A06096ES Elite Zealot (Olive)
A07096ES ODST (Olive)
A08096ES Banished Brute
A09096ES Spartan Helioskrill (Translucent Green)

A19096ES Spartan Mark VI (White)
A20096ES Spartan Warmaster (Green)
A21096ES Green Storm Grunt
A22096ES UNSC Marine
A23096ES Elite Zealot (Olive)
A24096ES ODST (Olive)
A26096ES Banished Brute
A27096ES Spartan Helioskrill (Translucent Green)

A17106ES Spartan Mark VI (White)
A19106ES Green Storm Grunt
A20106ES UNSC Marine
A21106ES Elite Zealot (Olive)
A22106ES Spartan Warmaster (Green)
A24106ES Banished Brute
A22106ES ODST (Olive)
A25106ES Spartan Helioskrill (Translucent Green)

A05106ES Spartan Mark VI (White)
A06106ES Spartan Warmaster (Green)
A07106ES Green Storm Grunt
A08106ES UNSC Marine
A10106ES Elite Zealot (Olive)
A11106ES ODST (Olive)
A12106ES Banished Brute

Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Blind Bag Figures PackagingRemember, if you find a blind bag with a number not included on this list, be sure to post it and share it with your fellow Halo collectors! Good luck, Halo fans!


CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Codes! — 9 Comments

  1. Ooh, a mini-Helioskrill?

    The colours on these guys feel a lot more subdued than in previous blind bag waves; wonder if that’ll be a trend for Construx.

    • I think they’re trying to have a color theme for each series now. Challenger is green, Warrior is red, etc.

  2. Yankee Squad Marine-A05116ES
    Banished Brute-A11116ES
    Green Spartan Warmaster-A08116ES
    If anyone else finds the rest of series 11 let me know. I am looking for the Olive ODST and the White Spartan Mk. IV.

  3. Hi, here are some additional codes that I found for Challenger series blind bags. Hope this helps.

    A05126ES Spartan Helioskrill (Translucent Green)
    A01126ES Elite Zealot (Olive)
    A02126ES ODST Olive
    A03126ES Banished Brute
    A27116ES Spartan Mark VI (White)
    A28116ES Spartan Warmaster (Green)
    A29116ES Green Storm Grunt
    A30116ES UNSC Marine

    Happy Hunting!