CODE LIST: Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Figures Series Codes!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Halo Mega Bloks/Construx Code Numbers List, as the series have honestly gotten rather boring to me since they shifted to being color-themed waves. But I’ve heard the outcry from readers that they want a quick and easy reference guide, and so, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Series Codes List, organized by both character and number! Found the blind bags at retail and want to know which is which? Here’s the list of all known Stormbound code numbers…

Stormbound Halo Mega Bloks Series Codes List

As usual, the Stormbound Halo Mega Construx series contains 8 figures, including 5 Common figures, 2 Rare figures, and 1 Ultra Rare figure.

I think we were all able to guess pretty much instantaneously which figure in this series was going to be the Ultra Rare as soon as we saw the first image of the lineup, but it’s always nice to get confirmation. The rarity scale is as follows…

Common: Wetwork Spartan, Grunt Minor, Banished Brute, Hunter Spartan, UNSC Marine (Halo Wars)

Rare: Air Assault Spartan, ODST

Ultra Rare: Active Camo Elite Honor Guard

Halo Mega Bloks Stormbound Series FiguresHalo Mega Construx Stormbound Series Codes By Character:

Halo Wars Marine: 165701, 261701

Silver Spartan Hunter: 165702, 261702

Silver Spartan Air Assault: 165703, 261703

Banished Brute: 165704, 261704

Grunt Minor: 165705, 261705

White Spartan Wetwork: 165706, 261706

ODST: 165707, 261707

Active Camo Elite Honor Guard: 165708, 261708

Mega Construx Halo Stormbound Blind Bags Codes ListMega Construx Halo Stormbound Series Figures by Code Number:

165701: Halo Wars UNSC Marine

165702: Spartan Hunter

165703: Spartan Air Assault

165704: Banished Brute

165705: Grunt Minor

165706: Spartan Wetwork

165707: ODST

165708: Active Camo Elite Honor Guard

261701: Halo Wars UNSC Marine

261702: Spartan Hunter [Silver]

261703: Spartan Air Assault [Silver]

262704: Banished Brute

262705: Grunt Minor

262706: Spartan Wetwork [White]

263707: ODST

263708: Active Camo Elite Honor Guard

As always, you can find the code number for each blind bag printed inside of a little box on the back of each bag. This method is almost 100% fool-proof unless there’s been a factory error of some sort, so it should be easy-peasy for everyone to complete their Stormbound Halo set (at least, assuming you find a store that has all eight different figures available to begin with!).

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