CODE LIST: Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Figures Series Codes!

Stormbound Halo Mega Bloks Series Codes List

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Halo Mega Bloks/Construx Code Numbers List, as the series have honestly gotten rather boring to me since they shifted to being color-themed waves. But I’ve heard the outcry from readers that they want a quick and easy reference guide, and so, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Series Codes List, organized by both character and number! Found the blind bags at retail and want to know which is which? Here’s the list of all known Stormbound code numbers…

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REVIEW: Pixel Pals Master Chief Lighted Figure! (Halo)

I would be totally lying if I said I fell completely in love with the PDP Pixel Pals figures at first sight. In actuality, I thought they were some sort of weird custom light-up Perler bead-like creations that first time I saw them. But when I saw that one of my old favorites, the Halo Master Chief was up for order in Pixel Pals form, I knew that I had to give the line a chance. Now that I’ve got my very own Halo Pixel Pals Master Chief in-hand, what do I think? Read on…

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NYCC 2017: Halo Mega Construx Grunt Goblin & Banished Banshee!

What’s that? Could it be…? It is…!! New Halo toys have appeared at the Mega Construx booth at New York Comic Con 2017! Craziness, right?! Now, they’re not the biggest or fanciest sets in the world, but I think many fans will dig the Grunt Goblin Battlesuit (it’s about time!) and the Banished Banshee Brawl sets…

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Toy Fair 2017: Halo Mattel 6″ Figures Wave 2! Arbiter! Vale!

NY Toy Fair 2017 Halo Spartan Vale Figure Mattel

Given the almost nonexistent flow of news from Mattel about their Halo 6″ Figures Collector’s Series, I was sort of dreading the possibility of attending the New York Toy Fair 2017 this weekend and hearing that the 6″ Halo line was cancelled. But as it turns out, no news really is good news: a whole second wave of Mattel Halo figures debuted at the show, including The Arbiter, Buck, Vale, Atriox, an Imperial Grunt Build-A-Figure and more!

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Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 3 Figures Released & Photos!

Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 2 Case Released

The “Mega Construx” brand name has gotten off to a little bit of a slow start, with early products arriving only sporadically in stores throughout the past few months. But now that we’re in full-on 2017, Halo Mega Construx toys are finally arriving in force! And among the new 2017 items from the successor to Mega Bloks is the newest series of single-carded Halo figures: Mega Contrux Halo Heroes Series 3 is now arriving in many stores in the United States!

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CODE NUMBER LIST: Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Codes!

Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series Codes Number List

While many retail store chains were waiting for January 2017 to arrive, Mattel was busy launching their first-ever series of Mega Construx Blind Bags during late 2016. So while the new Halo Mega Construx Challenger Series is just now seeing the light of day from many chains, it’s actually been out for quite a while. Luckily, this is actually a good thing, because this has allowed us to compile this extensive Mega Construx Halo Challenger Series Code Number List! These are the codes you’re looking for!

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Mega Construx Halo Wars 2 Brute Customizer Pack!

Halo Mega Construx Brute Weapons Customer Pack

Just as “Halo Toy News” has transitioned into being a part of Gamer Toy News, “Halo Mega Bloks” is no more, having transformed into “Halo Mega Construx”! Mega Construx Halo figures and sets are now beginning to pour into more and more stores, and I spotted two such branded sets at my local Toys R Us for the first time today: the Mega Construx Halo Brute Customizer Pack and Spartan Customizer Pack!

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Mattel Halo Fred 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Close-Up of Halo 5 Fred-104 Six Inch Figure Mattel

When Mattel announced their acquisition of the master license for Halo toys and figures last winter, I genuinely believed that a rejuvenation of Halo as a toy brand was impending. Things haven’t exactly worked out that way, with only two new figures released since last summer and zero in the pipeline. And unfortunately, not only is the Mattel Halo Fred 6″ figure expensive and hard to find (as he’s packed at just one per case alongside Kelly in the Wave 1 revision box), he’s also one of the worst quality figures I’ve purchased in years…

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