F4F Making of Artorias SD PVC Statue Documentary Recap!


I’m on assignment in New York City for New York Toy Fair 2018, so I didn’t have the opportunity to LIVE Recap the F4F Q&A livestream this morning (trust me, it breaks my heart too). But while I haven’t had the time to fully watch that 4-hour video and recap it just yet, here’s a consolation prize: a full recap of the 1.5 hour Making of Dark Souls SD Artorias Documentary! Chibi or no, after watching this video, the latest F4F to go up for order is one of their most impressive statues to date…

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First4Figures Dark Souls SD Artorias PVC Statue EXCLUSIVE!

Two years ago, First4Figures launched their Dark Souls resin line with their Artorias the Abysswalker statue. That statue went on to win multiple “2017 Statue of the Year” awards and spike in price on the aftermarket. And now? First4Figures is at it again, with Artorias leading the charge for another Dark Souls line! The F4F Dark Souls SD Artorias PVC Exclusive Edition Statue is now up for order! And this time, the box isn’t the only thing that’s exclusive…

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F4F Dark Souls Artorias & Solaire SD PVC Vinyl Figures Photos!

Artorias F4F PVC SD Statue

UPDATE 2/15/2018: It may feel like all eternity since the SD Artorias PVC debuted at NYCC 2017 in October, but the waiting is over: the Artorias PVC is going up for order on the F4F website this Friday (2/16/2018)! And in honor of the occasion, I’ve uploaded the last of my Artorias NYCC hi-res photos, so you can preview Artorias from all angles and up close before the full reveal tomorrow! Are you in for the first F4F Dark Souls PVC figure?

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F4F Amy Rose Statue Poll: Vote to Show Your Support!

Sonic and Amy the Hedgehogs

Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails. Shadow. Silver. Knuckles. Even Doctor Robotnik. First4Figures has covered almost every main character from the Sonic are Hedgehog franchise in resin statue form now. Almost. There’s one omission that glares brighter than the other: Sonic’s sort-of girlfriend, Amy Rose. But there’s hope for the pink hedgehog: voting is going on now that could make the first resin Amy Rose statue ever a reality!

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F4F Q&A #57 Recap: The Next Pre-Order! Cowboy Bebop Jam! & More!

Close-Up of F4F Cowboy Bebop Spike Statue

Just another ordinary First 4 Figures Q&A livestream…? Nope! Today’s another big news day for F4F, as the logo for the SD line has been revealed, the Cowboy Bebop Jet Black and Spike Spiegel statues were fully revealed, the next figure going up for pre-orders is revealed, the Solid Snake pre-orders closed, and Last Chance Weekend orders for the Exclusive Ornstein have begun! And oh yeah–get ready, because once again, Fun Daddy Alex and Lieutenant Chockles will be answering dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of collectors’ uncensored questions…

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REVIEW: F4F Fighter Kirby Exclusive Statue First 4 Figures

First4Figures Exclusive Fighter Kirby Statue Review

If there’s one thing I love more than looking at and talking about upcoming statues, it’s actually receiving and unboxing them and adding them to my collection. It’s been a long time since I received a new resin statue from First4Figures, but I was blessed to have the F4F Fighter Kirby Exclusive Statue I ordered last year from the F4F website turn up on my doorstep a few weeks ago. Does this statue of the hero of Dreamland meet all my lofty dreams for it? Read on…

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F4F Q&A Recap #56 LIVE: Shipping Updates! Xenoblade! Sif! Friends!

F4F Majora's Mask Drop Test Video Preview

Solid Snake still has one more week up for order waging war on our wallets, but as usual, First4Figures CEO Alex Davis & Lieutenant Chockles are back with a brand new Q&A! In F4F Q&A #56, the team will tackle questions about Xenoblade Chronicles, magnets, Escaflowne, Wait Lists, License Plates (no, seriously), Corgis, Samurai Jack, Shipping Before/After Chinese New Year, Sif shipping damage, and… the sitcom “Friends”?! Read on for the LIVE F4F Q&A #56 Recap!

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