NYCC 2017: First 4 Figures Mega Man Zero Statue Photos!

There aren’t a whole lot of statue that have been put up for pre-order by First4Figures over the years and then scrapped, but the F4F Mega Man Zero that went up for sale in 2015 is one of the few that met with a terrible fate… or so it seemed! Despite being cancelled last year, First 4 Figures heard the fan outcry to give Zero another chance. And at NYCC 2017, the new Zero prototype made his grand debut…

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NYCC 2017: Halo Mega Construx Grunt Goblin & Banished Banshee!

What’s that? Could it be…? It is…!! New Halo toys have appeared at the Mega Construx booth at New York Comic Con 2017! Craziness, right?! Now, they’re not the biggest or fanciest sets in the world, but I think many fans will dig the Grunt Goblin Battlesuit (it’s about time!) and the Banished Banshee Brawl sets…

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NYCC 2017: F4F Berserk Guts Statue EX Painted Photos!

NYCC 2017 Berserk Guts Statue First4Figures

If there’s a prize to be won for the ugliest (in a good way) statue that First4Figures debuted today at New York Comic Con 2017, I think there’s a pretty decisive winner. F4F has inched into the anime statue market slowly with the recent release of their Saitama statue and pre-order for Mugen of Samurai Champloo fame, but at NYCC 2017 they fully unveiled their first anime mega-blockbuster statue: the F4F Berserk Guts Statue! This is gonna be a big deal…

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NYCC 2017: F4F Life-Size Aku Aku Mask Revealed & Photos!

F4F Aku Aku Mask at NYCC 2017

Of all the First 4 Figures pieces that we knew would be making their debut at New York Comic Con 2017, the Life-Size Aku Aku Mask was the one I was the least hyped about. It’s not exactly iconic in the way that Majora’s Mask is, and with the rather simple design of the Aku Aku Mask, I just didn’t think it would be all that riveting. And then I saw it. And I was in love. Read on for the hi-res photos gallery and your chance to fall in love as well…

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NYCC 2017: F4F Dark Souls Ornstein Statue Revealed & Photos!

First4Figures Dark Souls fans have had to be patient this year. While we’ve known for well over a year that an F4F Ornstein Statue was in the works, we’ve never gotten to see more than small teases of the full statue. But that all changed today, as the First 4 Figures Dragon Slayer Ornstein Statue made its grandiose premiere at New York Comic Con 2017! How is it? Let’s sum it up in two words: “Huge” and “Gorgeous”…

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F4F Soul Calibur II Taki Statue Photos, Info & Ordering FAQ!

Taki Soul Calibur II Figure Statue First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures is making their grandiose convention circuit debut in the United States this week at New York Comic Con 2017! But before Alex and Chockles unveil tons of new statues (and sign a bajillion autographs) at the show, there’s another matter to attend to: the exclusive F4F Soul Calibur II Taki statue is now up for order! Read on for the full FAQ, which includes details, photos, and the answers to pretty much every possible question you might have about this statue…

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