F4F Q&A #49 Recap LIVE: Shovel Knight Exclusive & More!

Shovel Knight Combo Pack First 4 Figures

It’s sort of ironic that the week started out with me cussing the fact that the time has come to shovel snow and ice again for months, but the week is ending with a shovel putting a huge smile on my face! During this week’s F4F Q&A #49, the First4Figures Shovel Knight statue will go up for order on the website and the exclusive version will be revealed to the world! And like every week, a boatload of collector questions will be answered about Happy Mask Salesman, Soul Calibur, Dark Souls and more!

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F4F Shovel Knight Statue Photos & Pre-Order! First 4 Figures

F4F Shovel Knight Statue NYCC 2017

Other than the fact that there’s an Amiibo of him, I knew diddly squat about Shovel Knight until a couple months ago. But when First4Figures revealed their Shovel Knight Statue at New York Comic Con 2017, that got my attention. And so, I bought the game for my Nintendo Switch, have been playing it, and am psyched for tomorrow, when the F4F Shovel Knight Statue Exclusive Edition goes up for order! Here’s my photos of the statue from NYCC 2017…

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CODE LIST: Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Figures Series Codes!

Stormbound Halo Mega Bloks Series Codes List

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Halo Mega Bloks/Construx Code Numbers List, as the series have honestly gotten rather boring to me since they shifted to being color-themed waves. But I’ve heard the outcry from readers that they want a quick and easy reference guide, and so, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a Halo Mega Construx Stormbound Series Codes List, organized by both character and number! Found the blind bags at retail and want to know which is which? Here’s the list of all known Stormbound code numbers…

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F4F Q&A #48 Recap: Varia Suit Samus Returns! Master Cycle Zero!

First4Figures Dark Souls SD PVC Prototypes Solaire Artorias

For the first time in quite a while, it’s a status quo First 4 Figures Q&A with no Last Chance Weekend, no Preview/Pre-Order Friday, and no major milestone announcement or reveal! But does that mean that there’s nothing worth seeing or learning in this week’s F4F Q&A #48 Recap? Heck no! On today’s Q&A, we get a great look at the Dark Souls Solaire SD PVC for the first time, the Bowser edition size, the date for Varia Suit Samus last chance weekend, the fate of F4F attending NYCC, the first mention of a possible BOTW Master Cycle Zero and more!

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F4F Dark Souls Artorias & Solaire SD PVC Vinyl Figures!

F4F Dark Souls SD PVC Figures Solaire Artorias

Of everything that I saw at New York Comic Con 2017 from every collectibles company, nothing surprised me more than a totally out-of-left-field new line debuted by First4Figures: Dark Souls SD Vinyl figures! Resin prototypes of super-deformed Artorias and Solaire figures debuted at the show, and as we now approach their pre-order next year, the first PVC prototype of the F4F Artorias PVC has been sneak peeked…

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First 4 Figures Banjo-Kazooie & Conker Statue Sneak Peeks!

First4Figures Banjo-Kazooie Bear Sneak Peek

The list of video game licenses that First 4 Figures holds has expanded rapidly over the last year, including the blockbuster announcements of Metal Gear Solid and the Activision licenses Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. And this week, the family grew again, when F4F announced the acquisition of licenses for the Rare franchises Banjo-Kazooie and Conker. Never one to leave their fans waiting, sneak peeks of the F4F Banjo-Kazooie statue have already begun…

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F4F Q&A Recap #47: Banjo-Kazooie & Conker Announced!

Banjo Kazooie F4F License Announcement 35K

I wasn’t actually certain that anyone was going to want to follow a live, constantly-updating recap of the F4F Q&A, but it turned out last week’s first installment was a big hit. And so, for at least one more week, it’s time for the LIVE F4F Q&A #47 Recap with CEO Alex Davis & Chockles! Not only do Last Chance Weekend Exclusive Bowser Pre-Orders open today, but the long-awaited 35,000 members of the F4F Collector’s Club reveal is imminent…

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F4F Recap Bonus Edition: Aku Aku Mask Replica Documentary!

F4F Aku Aku Mask Documentary Recap

F4F Recap Bonus Edition! There’s under a day to order the First 4 Figures Aku Aku Mask Prop Replica before validation for low numbers begins, but while we all wait to validate, let’s answer some burning questions like: “Is the Aku Aku Mask Wall-Mountable?”, “How many soda cans high is the mask?”, “Why isn’t the Aku Aku mask made of real wood?!”, “Why is there a wicked cool gold variant?” and more!

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F4F Q&A #46: LIVE Recap, Aku Aku Mask Statue Pre-Order & More!

Aku Aku Mask Reveal F4F Statue

It’s the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, so millions of Americans are chilling at home today. But the hard-working heroes at F4F (almost) never take a vacation, and they’re back today with the 46th edition of the F4F Q&A with Alex & Chockles! And since I’ve got the day off myself, I thought I’d try something I haven’t done before: I’ll be live-updating the recap today, in which the First 4 Figures Aku Aku Mask goes up for order, we’ll have the usual dozens of questions answered in the Q&A and more!

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Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku Statue Review & Photos

Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku Figure Review

As much of a Kingdom Hearts fanboy as I am, there’s one character in the franchise I’ve always felt a bit cold toward: Riku. The quiet, moody, “Sasuke-like” rival type is just not my thing, so when I do pass on a new Kingdom Hearts figure, it’s usually Riku. But when the Kingdom Hearts Static Arts Riku figure went up for sale, it was love at first sight and instant pre-order from me. Now that I have him, am I glad I do?

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